4 Ways To Boost Your Willpower

“I’m surrounded by chocolates…”

At work

At home

Be it the kids, work colleagues, the other half..

I get it…

It’s the same for me, too.

And I could sit here and say that it’s all about willpower etc..

But it’s not…

And it’s not about bad foods, either…

You see, most negative relationships around foods, emotional eating, comfort eating issues etc

are a result of behavioural patterns and habits that have been consistently practiced.

 ‘oh I’ve had one so I may as well have 5″

“I’m tired so I’ll have chocolate to give me a boost’

“I’ve had a s#*! day so I’ll have a chocolate”


You see, as much as the January headlines will want to blame gluten, carbs, or saturated fats for our struggles with weight loss and health…

It’s usually the repetitions of our thoughts, behaviours and actions around certain foods…

Rather than the occasional consumption of them…

Set yourself up to overcome Willpower  🎯for next week:

✅ Create a plan and routine
– How many meals a day work for you?
– Set meal times to fit your lifestyle, work, family.
✅ Plan & Prepare
– Batch cook (soups, stews, freeze meals). This is why we have a nutrition system with 1000s of recipes all portioned for you (it even sends you a shopping list)
– Find easy meals you like & can have more often. Keep it simple. You don’t have to eat different meals all of the time if you don’t want to do. 

Aim to make it PRACTICAL not PERFECT.
✅ Cook at home where possible
– Try to cook (and eat where possible) most of your meals at home 
– Keep them as simple as possible. (Recurring theme haha)
✅ Shop!!
– Create a shopping list in advance & stick to it (our nutrition system will do this for you)

– Don’t buy foods you know you will overeat on….you’re probably setting yourself up to fail…


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