How Julie & co keep doing it!

You probably think my diet is always on point

And that others just like you

Have got their $#*! together 

That they never feel the urge to open (and finish) the Pringles at 9pm after a looong day of picking up after everyone but YOU

And because of this

^^ and the FACT that you keep comparing every day to your BEST day

You feel like you failed when things didn’t go 100% to plan

Truth is, in my 10 years practicing the exact principles I teach you in my body transformation programmes

I’ve never had a “perfect” day

Because it doesn’t exist

So I just go with it

Be a bit “half-assed”

Instead of “on-off” (which makes you yoyo diet…)

And I em​power you to overcome this in my body transformation programmes

You see, I got this message 2 weeks ago from one member on my body transformation programme:


“haven’t been doing a good job with entering my meals.

​​ You have taught me about balance and so my week has been a little lower to compensate for meals out.

Last week I only lost 1 inch under my bust and another 1.5kg down. 

​​ I had been a little more relaxed with food and hadn’t made it training much. “

So despite “not doing a good job”

This takes her total loss to a whopping..

20.5kg (3.4 stone in English)

Given that 2/3 of us who’ve been on a “diet” in the past year

Have piled more weight back on than we’ve lost

^^^ often due to “life” getting in the way (work, family, life)

I’d say losing another inch and 1.5kg when you..

“haven’t done a good job”

Is a job well done

Because if you can make progress when

“You haven’t done a good job”

When things are “tough”

When can’t you?

And the results?

Sustainable fat loss

And a new wardrobe full of your favourite clothes

^^ or in Cassie’s case…you can reopen a wardrobe you haven’t opened in a while

One thing you have to make sure of?

That you don’t beat yourself up for only losing 1/2 a pound

And breaking the 10 stone mark (which body transformation member, Julie, won’t mind me saying)

Despite not exercising for a week

Not bad, ay?

So my question to you is this:

Are you ready to put an end to the “diet” >>> lose weight >>> pile it back on cycle?

Are you ready to build a bespoke nutrition and training programme that doesn’t make you give up your favourite foods or spend hours working out?

If so, apply for you free 7 day trial to see if you’d be a good fit for my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme

Click here to apply>>>​​​


And if you’re a good fit, I’ll guarantee you the results you want

If we don’t decide to work together?

You’ll be sure to walk away with some tips and tricks you can apply straight away

Applications close Sunday at 730 pm

And I only have 1 space

Apply here

>>>> <<<<<​​

Matt “half assed” Fruci
Helping Busy Ladies Tone Up Without Missing Out On Precious Time With Baby (Even If Your Baby Is Now All Grown Up)

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