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3 stone gone…

3 stone gone…

Got this message from Paula last week:

Amazing work.


Sleeping better

All from applying the ‘3 legs of the stool’ –

Fitness, food, and focus 3F accountability system..

All adapt to Paula…

And all amongst this Covid situation, home schooling and juggling everything else in life…

I wanted to share this with you to show you that it is possible. 



But easy compared to what?

What is easy?

What did Paula commit to ?

Increasing her protein intake

Doing couch to 5k (first time)

And joining in a Fruci Fit workout every day (these can be 1 minute, 10 minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes)

Did it work?

Yes 🙂 20kg / 3 stone down, sleeping better and fitter.

And all from home, too 🙂 

Speaking of which ,

We are adding back our ladies only outside workouts from 29th March

And our in-person workouts inside our private ladies only studios in Devizes and Marlborough from 12th April.

To go alongside our Home live workouts in our BRAND NEW 6 Week Kickstart Programme for ladies 40+…

So you can make this as convenient

Or as personal as you like.

As ultimately 

This is about YOU…

And doing what fits in around your lifestyle.

Like Paula has done.

If you’d like more info,  just send over a message to me with