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Will it be too hard?

Will I be able to stick to it?

What about when social events happen again ?

What if I fail?

What if it’s too hard?

These are just some of the things that come up when chatting to some of the other ladies.

And something I always say..

Is that we don’t need to solve problem number 10 before problem number 1…

^^ read that again..

I’ll get cheesy with you now, too.

It is literally ONE step at a time.

Every day is DAY 1..

Rather than focussing on

“I’ve still got 3 stone to lose”

Just focus on the next 1lb..

Rather than 

“I still can’t climb that hill without being out of breath”

Just focus on that next workout.

Because the ONLY reason 

Why we aren’t doing it yet?

Is it because of our actions..

The key part being ACTON..

It’s like what I did with public speaking..

I took SMALL steps.

Started putting my hand up in lectures and asked simple questions..

Then I started asking more questions..

Before I knew it

I was adding confidence. 

Rather than worrying about that next presentations..

I was just focussing on what I could do NOW


Because guess what?

Whenever I am thinking about the future ..

Our minds can create problems / stress and anxiety…

And as hard as it is ..

Ask this questions:

How could I enjoy this more?

Whether it is workouts?

Whether it is getting more meals prepared?

Here are just a few things I was chatting to some of the ladies about this week which they are going to do:

1- Going to listen and dance to my favourite songs whilst preparing my fruit and veg for snacks the next day 

2- Going to ring a friend or family members whilst going on a walk 

I could go on…

But let’s go one step further.

Because when it does get ‘hard’ 

Any change

(just being honest here)

Be it public speaking

Or doing the things you know you need to do with your exercise and food…

Ask yourself:

“Hard compared to what?”

^^ answer this 

I’ll leave that one there.

As my job – as a coach – is just to get you to come with the answers you already know..

You might just not see it yet..

And that could be the difference between you quitting 

And not..

And it has nothing to do with motivation or willpower.

Because your mind is either your best partner 

Or your worst..