3 Common Exercise Mistakes

Whether you've been to a gym before or not, I want to talk today about some of the 3 most common exercise mistakes I hear from busy ladies looking to slim down and lose weight. 

It's come up time and time again during the 14-Day Pre Christmas Slim Down Shift that the ladies finish today. 

And it's why one of the most important things I like to get across in in my Shift Project is just how important your diet is for FAT LOSS.

Which brings me to the 3 most common exercise mistakes I see:

1) You try to out exercise a bad diet - 

This is even more relevant to my Shift Project as it's created so that the exercise is merely the scarf on your snowman / icing on the cake.

It's created that you can lose fat and drop a dress size just by doing even 5 minutes of the tone up Shift workouts, or even - possibly - just by following the Shift Project 'diet' alone (not that I recommend you don't do the quick and simple Shift workouts that I give you)

2) You've done it before and it didn't work for you -

The mistake here is not using the right technique and muscles to help you shape your body how you want it to look. 

Obviously, not only does this mean you don't get injured, but it will also mean that you get fitter, level up your energy and make every day tasks easier. 

Again, this is something I am big on in the Shift Project (hence why you just simply follow me doing the workouts with you in person and / or online) 

The last thing you want to do in January is start a new diet and exercise programme and get injured. It's why Module 1 of my Shift Project meets you where you're at so you build confidence, burn fat fast, and tone up without jumping straight in at the deep end.

3) You think you have to wear lycra and leave your workout dripping with sweat -

What you do in my Shift Project is do 'easier' workouts some days and other days you do a bit more challenging work.

This ensures you can RECOVER. 

It's the same with your Shift Diet.

It's not simply 'here's a diet and exercise plan'

It's tweaked to:

a) Help it stay fun so you stick to it and stay motivated

b) Help to keep your metabolism high so you can burn more fat

c) So you actually look forward to your workouts and allow for the recovery AKA the magic to happen to help you shape your body

I hope you found this helpful.

And if a more scientific, personalised approach to this diet and weight loss stuff sounds good to you?

You can apply for your free 7-Day Rapid Shape Up Shift

Click the link below for more information:


Best wishes


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