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“Why did I just eat that?”

“not for Dora”

^^ I tell my daughters as they go to give our begging Labrador more food…

“Dora…get down”

^^ I say to my Labrador as I turn around for one second and notice that she’s now licking the high chair haha

Ever wondered why your dog jumps at food every chance it gets despite the fact it may be getting overweight? 

Because dogs have a very small Pre-Frontal Cortex and therefore don’t have much in the way of self control or long term thinking. 

Your Pre-Frontal Cortex (the front part of your brain) is where your willpower comes from. Its where your motivation comes from. 

Ever tried to tell a toddler they can’t have that ‘food’ or play with [insert toy] now but maybe tomorrow? 

They don’t understand what “later” or “tomorrow” means. 

They just want it. NOW. 

Why do you think that is? 


their Pre-Frontal Cortex (which allows them to think more long term) doesn’t develop until they are about 5-7yrs old. 

At which point you can reason with them more like you would with an adult. 

Why am I sharing this ?

Well…it turns out scientists have figured out that STRESS and TIREDNESS in and of itself literally TURNS OFF your pre-frontal cortex.

And who doesn’t have a poor nights sleep?

^^ I have been trying to get to bed before 10pm this week. 2/5 so far. But just keeping score has led me to improve  I now have an alarm clock telling me to go to bed and I have written the benefits of going to bed next to me on a piece of paper. Who it impacts and how it benefits me.

Home schooling, work, stress, worry, anxiety

Think about that for a second. 

This means the more stressed and more tired you are the more impulsive you’ll behave therefore making it HARDER to stay on track with your long term goals 

^^ be it playing with the grandkids, your health, fitting back into your favourite clothes or getting your confidence back. 

This might sound like a no-win situation 

but it’s actually good news because the REAL problem is not that you lack willpower, its that you’re probably more tired and stressed than you realise. 

Have kids? 

Home schooling?

Have a stressful job? 

Work long hours? 

Don’t sleep like a baby at night? 

Need multiple coffees to get going in the morning? 

All of these and more a literally just symptoms of the real reason why you over eat/make poor food choices when you know you shouldn’t. 

If it wasn’t clear enough yet.. ..

the real reason you eat emotionally, over indulge or make poor choices is because you’re tired, stressed or both. 

You may not even realise it.

You may think you have to ‘power through’ to help others..

And this is OK

Until it is not OK..

You get frustrated because you’re snappy, feel like you aren’t doing everything you can.

I get it, 

I am the same with my kids.

Sometimes feel I should ‘ play more’

‘spend more time with them’

But if I am tired and stressed?

I am not good to anyone…

So what can you do?

1-Meditation / breathing (which is literally sitting and doing nothing) can reverse ALL of that. I recommend Headspace or Insight Timer (apps) if you want to make a start today.

In 2017 a team of researchers looked at all the research on diets, exercise and meditation in relation to weight loss and what they found was startling. 

They noticed a trend that diets + exercise alone led to short term weight loss but in the long term, people tended to gain back the weight. 

Whereas programs that included a diet + exercise + meditation not only led to short term weight loss but people also kept the weight off long term. 

Meditation can be as simple as deep breathing. Having a coffee on your own.

Or even waking up and taking 10 deep breaths in before starting your day.

Taking time for YOU

As without you?

What happens?

2-Exercise – 

Exercise can be the domino in the equation of ‘feeling good’

Endorphins released..

We feel better

Eat better

Gain confidence that we can do this..

Prove others wrong

Clothes feel a bit looser

Arms start feeling more toned..

Less breathless climbing stairs

More stamina to handle life…

And if you’re looking for somewhere to start with exercise?

Try this:

3- Accountability to do it –

I get you probably knew some of this already.

But like some of the ladies said last night in our Live Q and A With Dr Adam Bibbey on growth mindset and mental resilience ..

Having the accountability, especially at the start..

Makes change a lot easier

In fact, research back this up

That having the support in place is the KEY reason people succeed…

It’s alright saying ‘I know what to do”

OR telling others they should ‘eat healthy”

But it means nothing if we don’t do it..

In fact, my 2 year old daughter taught me the hard way..

I told her to put trousers on as it is cold outside to which she replied:

“You need your trousers on Daddy”

As I sat there in my shorts (guilty…)


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Matt ‘toddler tantrums’ Fruci