3.33 minutes, your prescription, and tassels

Have you heard about what happened in that one school in Kent?

50 children sent home for ‘breaching’ uniform policy.

It’s caused a massive divide…

Parents forced to come out of work (and arrange additional child care) because of…

‘tight skirts’

‘a small metallic buckle on black shoes’

‘Black tassels on black shoes.’

By the sounds of it, the uniform inspection took most of the week.

^^^ time that could have been spent on things like…cooking or physical education (But, I would say that)

One parent was quoted saying:

‘I’m an ex-policeman, and I’m a great believer in uniformity and discipline, but they should have made the students all buy the same shoes if that’s what they wanted.’

^^^ And this stuck with me.

Because it’s a bit like how we’ve become with diet and exercise.

‘We should all eat THIS amount because that’s what worked for my friend Jane who lost 7lbs in 7 days’

‘The research says THIS is the best diet so we should ALL do this ONE’ (and this is coming from someone who spent 7 odd years at university)

‘You should exercise for at least 30 minutes at a time’

^^^ And it’s the last one that is really screaming out at me this week.

Partly because a new member of my Lean For Life Body Transformation Programme told me she didn’t have time to exercise.

But here’s the thing…

In her head, exercising had to be 30 minutes or nothing…

There was ‘no point’ in doing anything – she thought

We went through her whole week!

Every task.

Every job.


Agreed on a higher intensity session 4 days per week, twice daily for…

3 minutes and 33 seconds (don’t double it…)

Of course, she’s ‘breaching’ the old Government guidelines on exercise.

^^^ which may be changing with ‘green prescriptions’ being given out by doctors to tell us to walk and get out more


* She’s doing more than she did yesterday.

* She doesn’t have to go to a gym where she feels intimidated.

* She can do it whilst cooking, cleaning, and even at work (depending on whether her boss is in <<< her words, not mine)

And coupled with an ever-evolving nutritional strategy that is adapted EVERY WEEK depending on her fat loss, how consistent she is and her goals…

She’s well on her way to learning the types and amounts of foods and exercise that make her feel full of energy, control her hunger, and confident in her favourite clothes so she can surprise her friends and family (who always call her the ‘chubby’ one) in December at a family reunion.

And this is the exact stuff I teach you in my Fit For Life Body Transformation


PS. Challenge for today (whilst you wait for the kettle to boil)…

Try the ‘not enough hours in a day’ workout…

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