I’ll admit

There was a time where I would NEVER set goals.


Well, I thought it was a waste of time.

I haven’t got time to set goals and plans.

I’m too busy putting out fires and ‘getting stuff done’.

Funny part?

The reality is that setting goals just meant I had a criteria for FAILURE

^^^ read that again

It’s now scary.

There will now be clear evidence

As to whether I succeed or ‘fail’

Thing is,

As ‘scary’ as this seems?

By not setting goals you fail anyway…

Because you don’t do anything ..

We trick ourselves to think that it will help just seeing what we can do 

And getting on with stuff.

But the secret here?

Is actually being able to notice how and where you fail. 

Where setbacks come in as that is where you improve and get better.

Create strategies to overcome perceived problems and obstacles that you think are in the way

Forgetting that problems are ON the way not IN the way

^^^ read that again..

The even more exciting part?

if you are scared of doing something new …

Nervous you will fail…

That is normal..

In fact, it’s happened to me pretty much every time I have done something new (something we are doing right now…more on that soon)

But when you’re scared and anxious about something …

The research is clear.

You have to break it down to small tasks and steps. 

Now, this is NOT to make it less scary.

As there is no such thing as less scary.

But actually this allows you to start DOING.

You take ACTION….

And action leads to evidence that you can do it.

What loves evidence?

Confidence 🙂 

Just like we see at Fruci Fit (even if they were scared to join)

Want to join our 2024 Kickstart? 

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