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What happened to Claire

So I shared what Claire wrote on our Facebook page the other day

“When I first started my weight loss journey I was weight scale obsessive, always waiting to see if the numbers went down after a week or a month od healthy eating and sessions in the gym. 

When they didn’t go down or move much I would sabotage the work already done,by reaching for the wrong foods and punishing myself for days after.

Matt Fruci made me look at myself, my journey and my body differently. He has made me realise its not about how I feel,its the constant support, knowing he is always there as a gentle reminder,the talks,chats and he fully understands the over 40s woman’s body,hormones, changes, body shapes etc.

He really gets in your head,making you see yourself differently, makes me understand my body, other diets make you feel rubbish if the scales don’t lessen, 

Matt doesn’t, he explains everything in such a way that you really think about how you experience,eat,sleep and drink.

I am really looking forward to the rest of my journey, and learning to love myself again!!!”

You can see what Claire has achieved here:

Learning To Love Herself again

No longer beating herself about the scales or self sabotage

And back wearing her jeans again 🙂

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