101 ways to ditch the love handles

And lose fat once and for all...

YES, 101 ways!

I get it...this 'toning up' game can seem CONFUSING...

You see, I work with a lot of busy ladies

You're the 100% certified multitasking experts

You are like superheros

  • Family
  • Preparing the food
  • Doing the washing
  • Juggling work
  • Domestic admin
  • Tidying up after hubby (as my wife would say...)

But the problem with this?

There's no time for you!

No time for the stuff that helps you feel more confident in your favourite clothes

Gives you more energy

Stops you relying on caffeine to get you through your day

And feeling out of breath and tired (which stops you doing the things you want to do in the clothes you want to wear)

Which is exactly why I created this for you

To empower you to choose the right strategy that fits your lifestyle

So you can get your work / life balance BACK!​

Because the best diet and exercise programme in the world?

The one you DO

But before I go on...

This losing weight and keeping it off (once and for all) does take some effort.

You might get frustrated at times, especially when starting out.

But like anything that WORKS...you have to be consistent!

Be willing to be a bit rubbish at something at the start (like I was changing my daughter's nappy...)

You don't just do it for 2 days and say "it didn't work"

So be sure to share these with your friends and family because even one of these tips might just help them to be healthier, fitter and - dare I say it - happier...

So, let's go:

1. Don't leave chocolate or cereal out on the side (on average, you'll be 10 lbs heavier...)

2. PLAN your meals for the week (this will also reduce your shopping bill...remember the last time you 'nipped' to Waitrose and spent £20?)

3. Don't lose faith. Fail on a diet? It's probably not you, but rather the diet you're following does NOT fit your lifestyle. Start again!

4. Avocado and nuts may be 'healthy fats' but they are high in calories and easy to overeat

5. Eating less WILL help you lose weight

6. Don't just drastically cut your food intake...small changes can have a big difference and WILL make your diet more sustainable (so you can keep the weight off)

7. Set a 90 day OUTCOME that you want. Where do you need to be at 30 days and 60 days to hit this 90 days?

8. Fibrous foods, like veggies, will fill you up and help control your snacking habits

9. Fill your plate with foods that take up a lot of space for a small amount of calories

10. 80% of the foods you eat should be whole, one ingredient foods that are minimally processed

11. The rest (20%) can come from anything YOU like (yes, you are in control)

12. Resistance exercise (be it body weight or using weights) will help you change your body shape and fit your clothes better...It's a thumbs up from me!

13. Doing cardio can help you lose fat...but can be time consuming and is NOT as effective as a solid diet!

14. Eat your protein...it's the most filling type of food you can eat (examples are meats, fish, eggs and dairy)

15. Don't skip your fruit and veggies (research shows if you eat your 5 a day, you reduce your risk of disease AND are more likely to lose weight and keep it off)

16. Don't just exercise for weight loss...it helps your immune system so you beat the common cold and be more productive with your time and energy

17. You don't need to 'diet' forever

18. Take breaks from your diet every few weeks to 'reset' things

19. Wait 20 minutes before going for seconds at the dinner table

20. Focus on getting more energy and sleeping better BEFORE trying to lose fat and you'll have an easier time (this will involve eating more nutritious foods)

21. Drink water and stay hydrated (you might mistaken thirst for hunger)

22. Drink coffee. Nothing else needed. It's awesome.

23. Just avoid the caffeinated tea and coffee after 4pm to help you get into deep sleep (which improves your ability to handle sugar and fat)

24. Simple, easy swaps like whole milk for semi skimmed, double cream for single cream, and sugar for stevia can make a HUGE difference (as much as 25 lbs of fat in a year...)

25. Know that crawling out of an exercise session doesn't mean you're doing it right (especially when you reward yourself with Ben & Jerry's)

26. See exercise as your opportunity to build a strong, fit and powerful body...not as a punishment for eating that double choc fudge brownie

27. Food is fuel for your life

28. Monkey say, monkey do...Your kids, partner and friends will mirror what and how you eat

29. Do NOT expect yourself to be perfect. Slip up? Just go again. It's done!

30. Don't like veggies? Boil, steam, fry, mash, grill, spirialise a different veggie and experiment. It takes 13 times before you can really say if you 'like it' or not

31. Aim to hit 10k steps a day

32. Take the stairs instead of the lift whenever you can

33. Drink coffee. It's awesome.

34. Snack on a square of dark chocolate (75% and above) after or in-between your meal to give you that sweet hit

35. Make low fat Greek yoghurt like Total or Skyr your best friend (filling, full of protein and low in calories)

36. Coffee keeps hunger under control

37. Don't be obsessed by the scales.

38. Until you're doing the SMALL things right consistently, I wouldn't even worry about your weight

39. Don't make drastic changes to your diet. Sometimes a small tweak is all that's needed to kickstart your fat loss.

40. Make yourself accountable - tell your friends, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your dog, or even tweet Joe Wicks and tell him what you're doing

41.Enjoy the ride and focus on the process, NOT the destination.

42. Make better choices when eating out OR just lower your intake around these situations to give your more flexibility (YES, you CAN drink your prosecco and lose fat!!)

43. You don't have to count calories (it might help you, though)

44. There's many ways to skin a cat and the best diet is the one that you'll do

45. Carbs can keep you full, give your more energy and help to boost your metabolism

46. Cutting your fat too low can lead to hormonal dysregulation

47. Good sources of fat include olive oils, avocado, coconut oil, eggs, and oily fish

48. All fats provide the same amount of energy...overeat them and you WILL get fat (even if they're 'healthy')

49. Take waist measurements

50. Take progress pictures so you look back at how far you've come. This is great for getting you out of a rut when you lose motivation and think about STOPPING!

51.Don't do a Great British Bake Off marathon on a Sunday afternoon...

52. Fill your plate with salad and veggies (try having a big bowl before your meal with a glass of water)

53. Make drinking a glass of water the first thing you do when waking up

54.Write 3 things you're grateful for every day and followed by 3 things you MUST do that day for yourself.

55. Give yourself some love

56. You're an incredible human being. Know that. And know that investing in your health is any investment in your work, family, productivity and happiness.

57. Helping others will make you happy

58. Buy a dog...you'll lose weight!

59. Write down 3 reasons why you're snacking...are you actually hungry?

60. Notice when you snack. Stressed? tired?

61. Don't just eat 'healthy' foods...you can still overeat them. Eat the appropriate amount for you!

62. Repeat after me...Coffee is great.

63. Just because you ditch the carbs from a meal...it doesn't mean it will help you lose fat (especially if you chuck a load of avocado, nuts and cheese in there...)

64. Build up your exercise habits over time. Don't go from zero to hero.

65. Fat burners are a great way to make your wallet leaner

66. Don't ditch the foods you love, just include them in appropriate amounts

67. Don't dwell on setbacks, it's a part of the process and a great opportunity to LEARN

68. REWARD yourself...but not always with food. Go for spa break. Watch a movie (not Bridget Jones).

69. Put your lower calorie treats at the front of the cupboard (your 3 times more likely to eat them than the 5th item you see)

70. Keep 6 protein rich, filling foods handy - greek yoghurt, boiled eggs, smoked salmon, cooked chicken, protein shake etc.

71. Eat slowly and CHEW...

72. Sit down at the dinner table and eat.

73. Don't watch tv whilst you eat (or read blogs by me...)

74. Go for a walk after eating

75. Phone up a friend and see if they want to come with you on your fat loss journey (it's easier to lose fat with friends)

76. Write down EXACTLY what will improve when you lose fat (e.g. more confident, more sex, more productive, better sleep, better clothes, more energy)

77. Tell yourself...YOU CAN DO THIS!

78. Use 1 kcal cooking spray (it's a simple swap that could make a huge difference)

79. Make your meals look good #FoodPorn

80. Swap for a skinny latte


82. You probably don't have stubborn fat, just keep going. It takes time!

83. Feeling ill? Take a break. Nourish your body and feel awesome again. You're no good to anyone without your health

84. Everything you do is your choice.

85. Do high intensity exercise to save time...try 10 seconds high knees, followed by 10 seconds rest for 5 minutes.

86. Do low intensity exercise to destress...a walk outside in the fresh air will burn calories and make you feel awesome.

87. Get some headspace. Take 5 minutes out of your day and BREATHE. Download the free app: Headspace (thank me later)

88. Season your foods...you'll realise you don't always need a sugary, fatty sauce!

89. You can't choose where you lose fat from

90. You CAN enhance areas of your body to make them appear less fat and more toned

91. Try Twinings Choc nutty tea (it's awesome and basically calorie free)

92. There's no such thing as a magic bullet

93. If you're relying on willpower, you're probably setting yourself up to fail

94. Know that your metabolism is not BROKEN...

95. Whole fruit is better than fruit juice

96. Eating late at night doesn't mean you store more fat

97. There are no 'bad' foods...only bad 'diets'

98. ​​​​​​​​​​​​Exercise alone is a bad way to lose weight

99. Have I mentioned my love for coffee?

100. Still unsure? See a nutritionist

101. And get a coach​​​​​​

Share these with your friends and family because even one of these tips might just help them to be healthier, fitter and - dare I say it - happier...​​​

Best wishes,

Matt '101' Fruci

UK Registered Nutritionist and Body Transformation Coach​

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