10 jars a day to get slim

So, I’m browsing Dr Google (as you do) for some baby weaning recipes

^^^ Call me crazy, but I’m already planning recipes for the weaning process for my daughter, Ottilie (and she’s 4 weeks old…)

And I come across a new ‘groundbreaking’, ‘low toxin’, and ‘gluten free’ diet endorsed by the likes of Jennifer Anniston…

THE BABY FOOD DIET (10 jars a day keeps the pounds away…)

Now, I get this:

“There is no cooking involved and they are easily carried in a handbag.”

You see, saving you time and money with food prep and knowing what and when to eat was exactly why I created my Fruci Fit Nutrition System 


Eating pureed 50 calorie pots of BABY food (which basically means your digestive system does nothing)

Is not the type of thing I’d recommend


Well, what happens when ‘real life’ happens


You want to go out with friends and family?

^^^ I just had an image of me sitting with my wife and daughter in a restaurant and both me and my daughter eating custard out of baby food jars :-))))

Have a few drinks? A latte? Prosecco? Bailey’s (which I’ll come on to in a sec)?

Live a ‘normal’ life?

Just like body transformation member, Marie, found out last week

Down to 11.5 stone (she first said to me that ‘no matter what I do, Matt, I’ll never get below 11.13 stone’)

And still enjoying a cheeky Bailey’s on an evening (jammy, I know)

Now, I’m not saying Bailey’s is ‘good’ for you

But just like in the Beatrix Potter story of the two Bad Mice ​​…

‘They’re not so very naughty after all’​​​

​​​^^^ Never too early to read to your kids, right?

​​​As part of a ‘diet’ built for YOU and your lifestyle

So you can stick to it!

Because the best diet in the world?

The one you DO​​​​​​​​​

Best wishes,

Matt ‘story teller’ Fruci

PS. It’s the Tale of Peter Rabbit for baby Ottilie tonight (and she can’t quite contain her excitement)

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