4-Step Plan To Control Bloating, IBS and Stomach Cramps

I remember being in a meeting. Stomach growling. Cramps. All from eating lunch…

I’d literally have to eat and race to the loo. I always thought this was ‘normal’. “The way I am”…

And I know a few of the ladies I work with get bloating, cramps, irritable bowels, constipation…and damn annoying. It can stop you absorbing the nutrition you need to have energy and get in the way of doing the things you want to do, not to mention being pretty uncomfortable. 

So, I’m putting together a little tip sheet to help you overcome this with sample meal plans and educating you on the ‘types’ of foods that you may want to avoid if you get bloating, indigestion, IBS etc…

Because I get how frustrating it is when you’re feeling crap (pun intended 💩 ) and you’re told to just ‘eat more fibre’….

As this can 
actually have the REVERSE effect (according to a lot of research)

Now, a lot of the advice out there is super confusing. They give you long lists of foods you can’t eat. But – ultimately – what I love about science is that iit gives you PRINCIPLES that work, but how you use them is up to you…

So, after consulting with a dietitian, here’s a few of the more simple tips that a 50 page book is trying to tell you to help you ditch the bloating and cramps…

1) Most Fats. e.g. from sources like olive oil, avocado oily fish, yoghurt, butter, eggs, nuts will not ferment and cause symptoms for MOST people. 

So, these can be included as PART of your diet

2) Foods high in protein, like meats (chicken, lamb, beef), fish, eggs, and yoghurt do not ferment either so are good to be included as part of a diet for most people. 

Nuts and seeds also have SOME protein, albeit in lesser amounts. 

3) Most veggies are OK –some to watch if you are suffering are:

broccoli, chickpeas, lentils, legumes, cabbage, and sprouts….🌪

If you’re struggling with constipation, try 3 tbsp of sweetcorn and 2 tbsp of linseeds / flaxseed with 200ml water washed down…;-) 

4) Carbs – THIS is the most important part to dealt with bloating and cramps etc. 

Try carbs that do not really ferment, such as jasmine rice, sweet potatoes, rice noodles, rice pasta, or any corn based carb

Obviously, this is just a starting point and ONLY applicable if you do have stomach issues. 

And it’s all well and good me providing this for you, the problem with doing this is that it’s often not really valued or actioned without some accountability. 

Be it overcoming stomach cramps, improving your fitness and / or losing weight so you can fit back into your favourite clothes. 

Which is why I’m offering you the chance to try our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme for free…

But I only have 5 spaces left…

So if you want to try something different?



PS. My 2-page simplified booklet to help you ditch the bloating and stomach cramps is also included in the free trial


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