1 challenge for you today!


I say to myself as I'm running around the house trying to bath, dry, and wipe (after her post bath poo) my 8-month old daughter. I opened the draw that they are usually in, yet there's none in there. And I feel myself stressing about this situation. 

"Where has she put them?" <<< referring to the boss...

And it's crazy, right? Even the smallest thing. That is, the fact the nappies were moved and tidied into the next drawer down, got my agitated and stressed. 


Because I was holding on to a thought about something that happened earlier on in the day that made me feel a bit stressed (it was to do with the launch of my new book..or should I say bookS...which will be going along side my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation members app).

But the funny part?

There was absolutely nothing I could do about it (it was to do with the publishing, printing and Amazon...which is now sorted surprise, surprise...so all that emotional energy? wasted...on nothing).

And it makes me laugh because it's a bit like me and you saying to ourselves: 'please don't rain tomorrow, please don't rain tomorrow' over and over again. We have no control over it yet we're tasking our brain with something we cannot get rid of.

It's the same with our thoughts, worries, and fears, right? 

I get that we all have "crap" in our lives sometimes but what if today you just didn't worry about that one 'thing'?

after all, one minute that 'thing' is a problem in your mind, the next it's not. Which must mean that it's your choice whether you focus on it or not, right? 

And let me ask you this: When you choose to focus on the 'thing' are you a better person? A better friend? How does it impact your sleep? Your relationships with loved ones? The foods you eat? Whether you choose to look after yourself body?

I know I'm not when I focus on the 'thing'. And my response to the nappies moving 1 drawer down says it all...

Because its often not the 'thing' that's the problem. It's how you choose to respond to the thing.

^^^ Just like your fear that eating 'late at night will mean you store more fat'...which is - of course -  just some of the myths we dispel in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme

So, just for today, what if you gave yourself a break from these 'thoughts' about the 'thing'? And you put all of this built up energy into something positive? 

I challenge you, just for today!

Just like I did here by doing a bit of baby yoga with my daughter ;-).

Matt 'zen' Fruci
Fruci Fit
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