More proof the alkaline diet is BS

So yesterday I spoke about how Robert Young (the creator of the alkaline diet) faces 3 years in prison. Apparently, he charged $77,000 for his miracle treatment that would make your body more alkaline...which was simple sodium bicarbonate (I spoke about this here)

Now, today I'm going to tell you why believing that acidic foods are 'bad' is simple a chosen 'belief' and a fad....

Because whether it's you're good red wine, white wine, apple cider, or malt vinegar...

Having some of this 'acid' as a condiment, dressing, in your sauce, or just straight could:

1) Slow down the rate at which your sugar levels in your blood spike after eating (which could help to control Type 2 diabetes)

2) Potentially improve your cholesterol

3) Potentially help you lose weight and shrink your those who had a 15ml or 30ml dose of vinegar each day over 12 weeks lost nearly 1.2kg and 1.9kg more than those who didn', they showed decreases in their waist measurements.


Before you go on the 'acidic' diet and start chugging down your cider vinegar and coating your chips in good old malt vinegar...

None this stuff really matters unless you are assessing:

1) Your overall intake

2) Training progression


Take care of these 3 and you'll be back into your favourite clothes and toning up in no time.

And it just happens that I show you exactly how to do this in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation using our Accountability and Support system.

But it's not for everyone. Because it only works if you DO. Reach out for help to me and to the other like-minded ladies in our group looking to level up their energy, tone up and be the best version of themselves. 

Do this? 

And you can't fail...

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