You’ve got 238 New Year diets to choose from

Today is officially the end of the holiday season (in my eyes).
And with this being my daughter’s first Christmas, I’ve learned a lot. 

I bought her ONE present. As I didnt want to over do it. She doesn’t even get it yet.

But given the amazing and lovely friends and family I have? She ended up with a sack full.

The best part?

My daughter STILL insisted on playing with:

* The lamp

* Leftover wrapping paper

* And the remote control

And you probably won’t be surprised by these 4 facts about todays (which are supposed to surprise you): 
1) The average 10 year old owns 238 toys…but plays with 12 of them
2) On average, our homes have more TVs / ithings than people. And these TV’s / ithings are turned on for more than 8 hours a day
3) You spend 153 days of your life looking for items you lose…with the mobile phone topping that list, followed by keys (I’m always losing my keys…not just any keys. Car keys…)

4) On average, we spend 8 years of our lives shopping
what I’m leading up to is this:

Is it because we keep forgetting the ‘keys’ of a diet that nothing is working when trying to get slimmer and lighter?
Is it because there’s so much diet information out there on how to lose weight that it’s confusing?

^^^ Google ‘how to lose weight’ and you’ll get about 17,800,000 results in 0.51 seconds 
Waste time wondering where it’ll work?

Spending hours preparing food in the kitchen because you have to eat special diet foods different from your friends and family?

Time that could be spent with loved ones?
Time spent sleeping so you can have more energy and be more productive?

Time spent getting a better work / life balance?
Time spent on being the best version of YOU?
And this is exactly why I have put in place a super simple step-by-step tone up system in my 7-Day Rapid Shape Up Shift.
Because losing weight and keeping it off is SIMPLE (I’m not saying it’s always easy)
And despite what they tell you about needing ‘diet pills’, detoxes, and ‘miracle’ herbal teas to ditch the love handles
I’m here to tell you that this definitely is NOT the case.

I get you’ve tried a lot of other diets before and you’re wondering why this is different?

Well, for me, the power is in the simplicity and personalisation .

If you create a personalised healthy eating plan that fits your lifestyle?

You’ll stick to it and keep the weight off for good.
Applications for 7-Day Rapid Shape Up Shift close Sunday 7th January with the start date Monday 8th January, 
Matt ‘Toys R Us’ Fruci
Fruci Fit
PS. Even Dora (my black lab) got 2 presents this year 🙂

Yet her favourite present?

The leftover Christmas dinner…
The lesson?

Keep it simple…


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