You’re Not Lazy…(Our Brains Are)

“Don’t stop, never give up, hold your head high and reach the top, let the world see what you have got, bring it all back to you”

^^^ If you suddenly found yourself singing the above, then I’ll explain why now…

So during bath time with my 21 month old daughter, I like to put a bit of cheese pop on (my daughter loves it and gets some dancing on haha)

And what I find quite amusing is how I know all the words to songs by Steps…

Even though I have NOT. I repeat, I have NOT…listened to them in years. Like 20 years…

Crazy, right?

So what’s me singing Steps in the bath with my daughter go to do with anything?

Well, our brains are blooming clever.

Which  also means they are blooming lazy..

They like to create shortcuts to certain behaviours we do.

Tying laces, bushing our teeth, LEARNING THE LYRICS TO STEPS songs, and even reaching for food to provide ‘comfort’…

You see, whether you are aware of this or not, you have a blueprint of actions that have led you to where you are now. As the saying goes:

We are the product of our habits, not the occasions!

(I guess this means I made it a habit of listening and singing Steps songs during the 90s and 00s haha)

Which begs the question:

What’s your ‘go to’ habit when you respond to the ‘occasion’ that isn’t “perfect” or ‘what was meant to be”?

Now the reason I ask this is because when trying to change your habits to get fit, healthy and build a more positive relationship with food…

It’s not a case of ‘IF’ your diet / mindset will ‘so called’ ‘fail’

but WHEN your diet / mindset will  ‘so-called’ “fail”…

I say ‘so called’ “fail” because it’s often referred to as that…

But it is actually just feedback and a VITAL part of the process.

You see, one of the ladies I’m working with now is eating more carbs and losing weight.

She had a ‘thing’ about eating carbs.  She thought they were evil and the reason she gained weight and could not lose it…even though she wasn’t eating them???

She’s now slowly eating more. Got more balance. Staying CONSISTENT and getting closer to where she wants to be…

My point is that your body ADAPTS. It gets more efficient. Its lazy. It creates shortcuts.

Perhaps you burn less calories doing the same number of steps or exercise?

Perhaps you’ve lost fat and think doing the same will get you the same results (even though you are smaller? Although increasing muscle tone WILL help with keeping metabolism higher)?

So the short answer? 


Being consistent with your food and fitness over time, seeing what works, what you need to improve and setting TASKS so you know EXACTLY how you are going to do this every week.

That’s it.

No special supplement or secret …

So, HOLD your stories


SILENCE your beliefs


yup, easier said than done

but done is just as simple as said…

if you just get out of your own way

Matt ‘Closet Steps Fan” Fruci

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