And you’ll eat 44% more?

I hope the boss (my wife) doesn’t read this one today

As it will mean she’ll have ammunition for the rest of our lives (If she puts up with me for that long)

​​​​​​Because what I’m about to tell you can help you to REDUCE your snacking habits by 44%

^^^ According to our friends in lab coats ​​​

Unless, of course, you’re doing this whilst snacking 🙂

And here it is:

Decluttering your kitchen can reduce your snacking by 44%

What this means:

* Put your toaster away

* Make sure chopping boards and knives are away

* No food is left out on the side apart from a fruit bowl (The boss was guilty of leaving the Lindt Coconut chocolate out the other day…I blamed my ‘lack of willpower’ for what happened afterwards)

* You have a snack cupboard (rather than snacks everywhere

​​​​Why does this work?

Well, when your kitchen is organised it appears to prompt more self-control


Less mindless eating​​​​​​​​​

Which is why I always recommend that you make some rules to only eat when you’re sat down and to never eat out of the packet (always serve in crockery)

​​​​​​And these are just some of the things I take you through in our Fat Loss Mastery Audit

Which I’ll be touching on in my FREE Live Event on Tuesday 9th May at Marlborough Golf Club 1830-19:30​​​

^^^ with the help of other Fat Loss Mastery members showing you how they’ve changed their environments to lose weight, tone up and feel more confident in their favourite clothes WITHOUT giving up Lindt coconut chocolate 🙂

Matt ‘off to put the toaster away’ Fruci

PS. Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing with you a bit about my ‘story’ and how Marie gained control of her snacking habits (she did awesome!)

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