I was beaten by a 12 year old

The wife was in front cycling up the hill.

Smiling at me….in a ‘mocking’ kind of way

With sweat dripping from my face, a dry mouth, and no energy

I stood up and ‘powered’ up the hill

Unfortunately, there was little ‘power’ in these batteries

And my wife’s mocking smile turned into laughter as the perfect family of 4 overtook me 🙂

“I’m thirsty. Feeling dehydrated”

“I haven’t cycled in a while because I didn’t have the time”

“I’m hungry”

“I didn’t sleep well”

“I’m still recovering from all the work I’ve been doing, getting married and competing and placing 2nd in Britain in a Physique show (yes I stood on stage in some skimpy speedos, tanned up once or twice)”

“they had better bikes than me”

“the tour guide, Igor, lied to us. This is not an ‘easy’ route

^^^ just some of the STORIES I told myself to justify why I was SO unfit

Now, this was in 2014 on our honeymoon during a bike tour

It was supposed to be of ‘easy’ difficulty

^^^ According to our macho tour guide, Igor

Igor even suggested to drink some water from the tap that was at the same height as my ankles at a beach

when I started complaining I was thirsty 🙂

‘I do it all of the time’ he said

^^^ I passed on this one

But here’s the thing

When the dust settled

“stories” AKA excuses put to bed

The results told me I was unfit

I could not argue with that

^^^^ Unless -of course – the 12 years old who overtook me on her bike is now an Olympian and in that case…I did alright!

But what I could argue with?

The excuses and stories I told myself to justify why I was unfit

‘no time’

‘busy doing my postgraduate nutrition research in Oxford”

“Busy with the wedding”

And I do the same now…

“Oh, I’ve got a baby so I can’t have fun anymore…”

But here’s the thing….

Unless you prioritse your day

Someone else will do it for you

Change WILL happen (it’s inevitable)

but that change won’t be led by you

Because you reap what you sew.

Just like Marie did on Fat Loss Mastery over the past 3 months.

here’s what she said:

“Thank you for helping me re-set my mindset 
And finally ‘wake up’ and recognise my snacking habits CAN be broken
Without giving them up completely”

And I couldn’t be more proud of Marie for giving herself permission to take back control of her snacking habits

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​​​​​​​Matt ‘the TOO tired cyclist’ Fruci

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