Why Julie finds me quite scary

Got this message from Julie on Friday 😂😂😂:

“So,have decided you’re quite scary 😱. Eight weeks ago you were like big brother 👀 watching what was occurring whilst posting subliminal messages on FB 👨💻. Now it’s reached a new level in so many ways.

Why??? Now I find you in my head 🤦♀😱🤦♀……

Thanks for your support & always having an answer, no matter how odd the question. You’ve helped me in so many ways…..

✅Despite never being in the same location from one day to the next I’ve managed to weave fitness in everyday & on the occasions I miss it I don’t feel guilty or give up as I would have before

✅Despite often being in the “arse end of nowhere” where food shops are non existent you’ve come up with great suggestions for eating on the go 🥤🥚🍏🍌

✅Despite staying in hotels where there’s only “chips & 💩” on the menu you’ve helped find a way round this.

✅I’ve gained a different perspective about food; now eat more protein & consequently eat less cos I feel less hungry.

There’s so much more and the journey’s just begun but wanted to say thank you publicly. It’s been great joining the sessions over last two weeks & next week we’re back to our trips around the UK🚂🇬🇧 Thanks for everything”

And – for once – I don’t have much more to say…

Ok, I lied. I have one thing to add. Or maybe 2.

Which is that this fitness and weight loss stuff doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’. All that matter is that you’re better than you were. And even if you do have a ‘bad’ week? That’s where you can learn strategies to help you overcome obstacles like:

* Travelling with work and being stuck in hotels selling chips and pies…

* Struggling to find time for any exercise

Just like Julie has done.

I obviously can’t say you’ll get the same results as the ladies have here. As you have to be willing to ask questions and reach out to me. 

But what I will say is that I’m getting more and more messages like this which simply just motivate me even more to create more tools to help you beat the demons in your head thats to you getting the body, energy and health you want…

And – of course – this isn’t for everyone. Which is why I’m putting on a free 7-day trial starting Monday 18th June for 5 ladies to try our Fit For Life Body Transformation programme.

Want to see if it is for you?

Go here:


Matt ‘never shuts up’ Fruci

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