Mrs Fruci packed my bags

Quite literally. I come home the other day. And Mrs Fruci has packed my bags.

All the fitness equipment we use in our sessions like Monopoly, Jenga, Bowling, Pass the Parcels…all in boxes.

Because we’re having a reshuffle to prepare for the arrival of baby number 2.

It was chaos in my office for a few days.. So much so, I barely had space for my 6 cups of coffee on my desk. Ludicrous ūüėČ

And whilst moving everything around, I was amazed how much it messed with my concentration and productivity. I couldn’t get anything done. So, I worked in coffee shops…even more than I already do lol with my daughter on the Babycino’s obviously.

But now everything is all moved in, tidy, more organised?

I can think clearly, get more done, and now only need 5 coffees instead of 6 ūüėČ

My point?

Any change is an inconvenience to you… at the start.

Ever remember going for a job interview and being $#*! scared?

Me too.

But the feelings you get afterwards?

Confidence. Relief. It’s rarely as ‘bad’ as your mind ‘created’ it to be, right? Even if it didn’t go well. 9/10 times you just end up wishing you didn’t worry about it so much.

And it’s a bit like the challenges we face with weight loss, toning up and getting fit.

“will my knees let me do it?”

“am I too unfit to start?”

“I’ll start when I’ve got more time?”

“Will I be able to keep up. I haven’t exercised for years?”

“I’m anxious around other people and feel they are judging me”

These are all things I get from the ladies starting on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme. And I get it. This health and fitness industry can be a lycra wearing beast, which is nothing short of intimidating for you.

Especially if you feel you’re just starting and don’t really have a plan telling you what, why and how to do it.¬†

Which is why I aim to make it super simple for you to get started. Focus on going from A to B rather than A to Z (which is probably why we never get started)

And once you get started? Start to see changes? Feel your trousers getting loose? Have more energy? And fun doing it?

You might then start to add in some more habits? Challenge your old beliefs? Get rid of the old clutter in your office that was actually stopping you from getting started?

Just like we do in our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme

Matt ‘out with old, in with the new’ Fruci

PS. Our 7-day free trial open to 5 ladies¬†starts on Monday. ‚Äč‚Äč

Learn more here:‚Äč‚Äč

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