Why is it taking so long…

🤬 <<< my face when the taxi was late 

And I checked my phone to see that one of my trains was also delayed which meant I wouldn’t make my connection to the airport …

So the other week I went to my brother’s wedding in Italy.

It was always going to be tight…

Relying on no delays 

For the taxi, 2 trains, tube , 2 planes and car to get there ….

Firstly I rang the taxi to see where it was 

And an automated message said it was 18 minutes away…

Leaving just 32 minutes until my train leaves from Swindon and I’m currently in Marlborough.

Is manage to speak to the driver 

And we agree that I’ll run towards the end of the high street and up the hill to meet him. 

And it seemed so busy 

I was basically running on the road 

I get in the taxi and then…

We are behind a tractor and a lorry 

Luckily the tractor turns off.

The driver is reassuring me 

That I’ll make the train…

Of course, we then hit traffic in Swindon.

It’s going to be tight. 

I hop out of the car at the lights 

Now I have the challenge of collecting tickets from a dodgy touch screen at the train station. 

And I can’t help thinking why is everything taking so long ..

Yet when I actually think about it

It took no longer than normal 

Yet I was just in a rush…

And it’s the same when it comes to weight loss 

And toning up. 

You see,

I can get messages like those in the images of this post,

From celebrating wins

To beating themselves up

For doing something most people 

Can’t do


Keeping the weight off …

It’s why get 

You to reflect on how far we have come

You see, if you had a crystal ball

And could see where you’d be if you would have done nothing when you “want results faster” or you think “nothing is changing and it’s not worth it”

Maybe you’d see how much fitter you are

Maybe everyday tasks are easier 

Maybe you’re less out of breath when climbing the stairs

Maybe you’re not 5 lbs heavier than you are now …

It comes back to the question we often ask in our one to ones and check ins:

“What happens 3 months, 1 year, 5 years from now if you don’t get a handle on this?”


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