Curious case of the 4pm crisps

“I just succumb to the 4pm crisps”

Sound familiar?

I get it.

It happens a lot 

In fact, the 4pm munchies

Are one of the most common things talked about in our check ins…

Now, it’s interesting.

As in the grand scheme of things

There is not much wrong with a bag of crisps. 

It is about 150-200 calories. 

So when my reply this week was:

“I want you to plan the bag of crisps in every day at 4pm”

Their response?

“Well, I don’t want to have them everyday…I won’t lose weight”

To which I responded

“I want you to plan them in every day”


The conversation went on

And they became less desirable…

I’ll leave that there and leave you with this quote:

“It’s not the thing that’s the problem, but our thoughts about the thing”

^^ not sure who said this quote…let’s just say it was Ghandi…


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