Which alcohol is least fattening?

I’m off on a ‘stag do’ this weekend in Dublin. Never been before, but all I know is that:

1) I’ve barely had a drink since being a dad…

2) We’re off on a Jameson Whisky tour

3) Guinness is “high in iron” (remember that saying?) and iron is important to transport oxygen around my body so you could say that this is one of those ‘health retreats’ <<< Although on a serious note, I may be doing something like this soon so watch this space…

But 2 questions I often get from the ladies on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme are:

1) “Can you I drink alcohol and lose weight?”

2) “What’s the least fattening drink?” (in other words, what’s lower in calories so I can drink more? hahaha)

So, here’s a quick (ish) answer:

Yes, you CAN lose weight whilst drinking alcohol. Could it make it more difficult? Probably, yes. I mean, alcohol has calories in and if you eat more calorie without feeling full up? Then this MAY mean that you find it more difficult to feel full and create a deficit in calories to lose body fat…

That said, life is for living. And is why NOTHING is off limits in our Fit For Life Nutrition System. Which means even alcohol is on there. I mean, it’s actually not that high in calories. The issue is often if:

1) you do it all of the time…

2) When you do it, you think F it and eat the pack of biscuits…

Again though, if you’re losing fat and happy with your results whilst drinking? Then who am I to say ANYTHING…

In fact, in terms of HEALTH, it may actually benefit you in terms of socialising, relaxing and may actually STOP you picking at loads of food late at night etc

And if you’re worried about alcohol making you fat?

You could cut back on your food a little earlier on in the day (not too much or you’ll be on the floor lol)

You could try reducing the days you drink per week? (I know many people find that once the bottle is open…it’s finished)

Finally, you could try to stick to spirits like rum, gin, vodka etc. with low calorie mixers.

^^^ Is that a license for a gin and tonic? (quick tip: get sugar free tonic water to save calories…)

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