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Where’s the lie in that?


The most said word from my 3 year old daughter right now.

“Why do we need to go to bed now?”

“Why can’t I drive?”

“Why don’t you wear a dress?”

^^ just a few of the questions I had yesterday

But it works both ways…

When she says things like

 “I can’t do it”

(referring to climbing something or building something or carving a pumpkin…)

It’s my turn to ask ‘why?”…

It’s my turn to help her see the lie in what she is saying..

And it’s actually the exact same process we use inside our Kickstart process to help you overcome obstacles.

Overcome the things that you feel leave you stuck..

With the same results

To keep stopping..

So I want to share them with you now

  1. What is your biggest obstacle to achieving the goal you want right now?
  2. Where is the lie in this? 
  3. Is the obstacle more true than the opposite?

Here is a worked through example with one of the ladies inside our kickstart just yesterday:

  1. My biggest obstacle is thinking ‘one won’t hurt…it doesn’t matter…it’s nearly Christmas…sod it”
  2. Where’s the lie in this? “it DOES matter. It makes me feel better. More confident. Less self critical. Feel more attractive. Feel like me again. 
  3. What’s more true? “It’s more true that it DOES matter”

Guess what?

When you write things down.

You can clearly see the issue when you’re inside your own head (especially when you’re tired and stressed).

And asking SIMPLE questions

Is one of the things we do

Inside our FREE 5 Day Kickstart for ladies in Wiltshire 40+.

So you can come up with triggers and strategies to break self destruct / self sabotaging thinking

And stop stopping..

Anyway, our FREE 5 Day Kickstart begins on Monday 19th October

And the group will be open from Saturday where I will be introducing everything for you.

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See you there

Matt ‘5 days’ Fruci