When does ‘healthy’ become ‘unhealthy’?

If you didn’t know, I had an eating disorder growing up. So something I’m pretty big on is not labelling foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’…

Banning whole food groups based on Instagram and Facebook posts selling their new supplements by using scare tactics and warning you about the dangers of pretty much everything apart from their natural supplement delivered from Costa Rica in a glass bottle <<< just as nature intended 😉

And I get that it makes things confusing.

I had sooo much anxiety around food.

And you see it in the media now:

No carbs, no dairy, saturated fats are bad, avoid pesticides,  eat according to your blood type, metabolism, genetics, avoid salt, stay away from caffeine, GMO foods, soy, corn, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, gluten, and even bloody kidney beans…bloody kidney beans  (apparently we’re not supposed to eat them because hunter gatherers wouldn’t have soaked them.

Now, some of these things MAY be true.

But the issue comes when we become so obsessed that we literally end up cutting out pretty much everything. I do wonder if the stress and anxiety we create around these foods creates more harm than just eating the food you scared of in the first place…

Not to mention that restricting all of these foods can lead to you being:​

1) DEFICIENT in nutrients we actually need to help our metabolism, have more energy, boost our immune system, prevent muscle loss…I could go on. 

And perhaps even more damaging…

2) Socially isolated and making meals out with friends and family a complete nightmare.

And I’ve been there. I literally when from Anorexia or Orthorexia (orthorexia is essentially an obsession with ‘ritrighteous eating’)

And the crazy thing was that I didn’t even realise how tiring and exhausting this was. 

But it reminds me of certain diets out that the label foods as fattening. Just because they contain fat. 

I mean, yes, fat is higher in calories. But that doesn’t mean they make you fat. A calorie surplus makes you fat, whether it’s from avocado, peanut butter or a cream tea….

I mean, we all know what the better choices are…. but it’s only a ‘better’ choice in the context of your whole diet. I mean, everyone knows that an apple is probably better for you than a Dairy Milk. 


If having the Dairy Milk means you are satisfied and stops you raiding the biscuit tin then it’s probably playing an integral part of your nutrition plan.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated. Small changes are actually the easiest way to create new habits to help you get in shape, as Julie mentioned the other day when eating her brekkie when travelling with work:

​​” It turned out my healthy option of orange juice, muesli, grapefruit and two slices of toast was

not so great after all – funny how tracking things suddenly opens your eyes.

I remember fighting this, knowing a change was needed if I was to achieve
my goals but breakfast really – my favourite meal and one to be enjoyed if
you’re away.

​​Yet, here I am – still have my toast, albeit one slice can’t give

up everything but water, yoghurt, banana are my new breakfast when away.”

there really is no secret. The key to losing some fat, toning up, and improving your health is just finding a way of eating and some exercise that fits your lifestyle and that you enjoy. 

So you can stick to it…

As it’s not about being perfect, its about being consistent. ​​​​

Which is probably why a personalised plan, support and accountability seem to be so powerful in creating new healthy habits around change and fat loss. 
And something I ask myself when trying to achieve a new goal is: 

Imagine where you’ll be 6 months from now if you start today?


Imagine where you’ll be 6 months from now if you put off doing the things you know you need to do today?


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