My biggest fear right now?

It just dawned on me the other day what my biggest fear is right now (which I’ll share in a moment)

As I was thinking back to around 7 years ago when I was getting rejected from PhD application after PhD application…

Falling short in the final round of job interviews (after going through many, many rounds tests, phone call, more tests, Skype interview, group interview, and one to one)…

And everytime I moved on to the next application, i was thinking in my head: “If I get this job, I’ll be happy”

I just didn’t get it. I had all the qualifications…yet nothing was working. Frustrated. Pi$$ed off….and worst of all:

Super low in confidence…

In fact, I couldn’t public speak. Red in the face. Dry mouth. Overdosed on Rescue Remedy (if you know, you know lol).

^^^ some say they fear this more than death….

But something this reminds me of is when I was a kid at Tae Kwon Do. I did pretty well in the end. Getting a black belt and even being asked to teach. Although I rarely did any teaching as I couldn’t get my words out. I was too nervous. Worried about what others were thinking. Didn’t like other looking at / or judging me. 

Anyway, we used to have this mantra:


And – of course – being only 12 at the time, I had no clue what this meant anyway. 

But what I’ve found to be true NOW after gaining some life experience and coaching many ladies is that there’s a BIG step between ‘believe’ and ‘achieve’…


Because here’s the thing:

Everyone has self belief.

Everyone has confidence. 

The difference?

The THOUGHTS in your head (which you cannot control and is actually a blessing because not everyone does have the ability to process thoughts)  that you CHOOSE to believe. Because it’s these that will – eventually – determine what you do

^^^ whether you eat the rest of the biscuits and put off doing what you said you would do to look and feel how you’d like…OR make a commitment to consistently just getting better and winning each day…even if it is a bit half a$$sed

But before an action…is a feeling. Which is a thought that you’ve put some meaning to.  ‘I have no willpower’. “I have no motivation’…’I’m the fat one”….”I’ll start after my holiday when I’ve got nothing on”….”I’m too unfit now”…”I can’t because of my knee”

So, what if I told you that it’s not a lack of confidence? It’s not a lack of willpower? But actually the thoughts you CHOOSE to believe?

Can I challenge you just for today to slow down and challenge your thoughts? Notice what you are CHOOSING to believe? 

And – if you’re really ready for a challenge – I challenge you to take action WITHOUT having self-belief or confidence that you can do it? 

After all, no one knows the future, so who knows what you might achieve if you CHOOSE to notice the thoughts that are NOT yours and realise that you have a choice in what you believe, how you respond and what you do?

Because unless you put yourself out there…put yourself on the line…DO…you’ll never get that ‘luck’….

Just keep going as you never know when the tide will turn.

I mean, I started volunteering and personal training…

Then Fruci Fit was born……

got a job in Public Health, I was teaching patients with Diabetes about medications, lifestyle, diet and exercise in the NHS (and still do this)…

And the best part? I was actually  offered a fully funded PhD…something that I ‘thought’ would make me really happy 6 years ago…

Yet, by being rejected 6 years ago

I started Fruci Fit…

And just looking back at some the results that the ladies have achieved HERE

I can honestly say that it’s the best ‘job’ in the world. 

I mean, my biggest fear right now?

Ever having to ‘work’ again…

Because this doesn’t feel like work to me. It is actually a big part of ‘Me’. Is this a bad thing? I don’t know. I actually feel pretty blessed that I wake up at 430am excited to write this lol

My point in all of this?

Just keep going. You literally cannot lose if you keep going. Yes, you will feel $#*! at times. I still do have days where I think I’m $#*!. But whatever happens to make you think that, just ask yourself:

What’s the opportunity in this?

Because every so-called failure will teach you MORE than when things go well.

It’s why having a ‘bad’ week when trying to lose weight is actually a huge breakthrough.

Why did it happen? What can you do differently?

^^^ This is literally the key to building a personalised nutrition plan that you can stick to so you can get in shape and enjoy dress shopping again…

Anyway, through years of experience, study, slog , so called ‘failure’, and helping tons of clients get in shape, I’m in a position now where my goal in 2018 is to help 100 ladies every, single month develop a better relationship with food, get their fitness back and tone up.

And although I’m a little off this….I’m closer than I was :-)​​

So, if you want to see how we’re doing this with our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme, click below to apply:


Matt ‘excited” Fruci​
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