What’s the secret to getting results?

Is it fasting?

Is it keto?

Is it calorie counting? 

I could go on.

You see, they CAN all work..

But the real secret?

How you respond to setbacks…


And obstacles

Which are ON the way not IN the way…

^^^ read that again

They are inevitable. 

But if you can be consistent with how you respond?

Less ‘F it’


‘What CAN I do?’

You will see massive transformation

So how can you do this?

Well, you might be thinking 

‘But I have no willpower’..

I get it.

But what if you can START by putting yourself in an environment

That means you need to use less willpower?

Sure, there will be compromises.

But from my 15 years of experience of experience

From conducting postgraduate research at Oxford Brookes University into low calorie diets, insulin resistance and diabetes

To working in Public Health and NHS around Diabetes prevention and management

To helping 1000s of people transform their motivation and relationship with food and exercise

There is no doubt

That the support, accountability and those who you surround yourself with 

Make a difference to what you can achieve 

(even if you don’t believe in yourself)

And this is why I am so excited for our free 5-Day Menopause Mastery Kickstart. 

Specifically for women peri or post menopause to help better manage their symptoms with a step by step plan based on what the research shows.

Perfect to help you stay on track this festive period 🎅 so you can look back differently in January  and think “I did that , I made that happen” rather than having it all to do 

Starting Monday 20th -25th November 

Register here:


And if you think ‘I am well past that’

We talk about postmenopause and how to best manage ‘ageing’ from bone density and diet to exercise. 

Details here


And remember, last chance to enter is Sunday..


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