What’s the cost?

What’s the cost?

It’s something I say a lot.

Not just when I talk about the cost of our decisions on our mental health and physical health 

But also the cost of our habits..

In monetary terms too. 

Because when it comes to emotional eating

That monkey on your shoulder can be quite difficult to get rid of.

I get it.

“You’re not worth it”

“You can’t keep it up”

“You deserve it”

“One won’t hurt”

“Everyone else is having it”

“They’ll be disappointed if you don’t have one”

Let’s say hypothetically, the person who was emotional eating spends £50 a week on a food shop.. that’s great they need that 

But they also 

Have 2 takeaways a week at £15 for their “bad”or “busy” days after work 

Combine that with £10 every day from the shop for a sandwich and snacks on the go..

(With the wrappers hidden in the car…that’s a story for another day) 

So let’s say 2 takeaways a week @ £15 and 7 days of extra snacking @ £10 a day 

So extra food dictated by emotional eating is coming in at 100 a week. And this on the LOW END…

And before alcohol etc 

I’ve worked with some people who spend thousands a month on food and drink.. 

£100 a week x 52 ? £5200 a year 

That’s over 5 grand a year spent on emotionally eating. 

Which for sure..

Provides some INSTANT comfort 

But in reality 

We are trying to hide from emotions. And avoid problems by using food… 

Which although we call it “comfort”

Is actually discomfort 

Especially given that by trying to solve one problem 


Stress from work/ home / life 

We end up creating another 

Comfort eating, excess fat gain, and potential mental and physical health issues. 

So what’s emotionally eating really costing you ?

Add up how much you typically spend on takeaways , extra snacks , late night binges etc 

and it will add up 

I do this calculation with some of the ladies…

And it always helps them put things into perspective for them 

If you can’t seem to stop binge eating ? 

You need to increase the VALUE in stopping binge eating.. 

What do you gain?

What would you do with the money saved?

How would you feel?

What would you do differently?

You have to look for the incentive to change …

Most people won’t do this exercise

As it is uncomfortable 

But isn’t it uncomfortable anyway?


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