What’s a portion of veg and how much should I eat?

It’s one of the first things you’re told to do, right?



^^^ 7 a day if you’re an Aussie…

And it’s no wonder.

People who eat more veg will generally:

* Be leaner and have an easier time losing weight

* Have a reduced risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease

* Have less cravings!

* Have increased energy levels and a boosted immune system (so you can stop being so vulnerable to illnesses)

* Have reduced stress levels (so you can have increased feelings of self-worth and confidence)

* Feel pretty damn good (because they’re less likely to be deficient in certain nutrients and vitamins that CAN leave you feeling sleepy in the day…and then wide awake at night because you’ve relied on caffeine to get you through the day)

And obviously…

All these benefits are a part of the lifestyle (veg can’t take all of the plaudits…)

^^^ Eat well (for your body) > increase your motivation to be active > Feel more confident in the way you look and hold yourself > Have gratitude (help yourself so you can help others) > love life

But what does a portion actually look like and how much should you eat?

^^^ Great question I got this week.

A portion is technically 80g.

In real life…this is pretty much a heaped handful.

And I wouldn’t stress about whether your handful was more heaped today than it was yesterday (my gangly fingers do make things pretty inconsistent…)

So how many ‘portions’ – or ‘handfuls’ – should you go for?

Now, if I had an ice cream for every time I said ‘it depends’ or gave you a ‘vanilla’ answer…I’d be a very happy man.

^^^ Actually, an ice cream that I could eat loads of, gave me the nutrition of vegetables, and helped me stay lean (a bit like a recipe I recently did for a Fruci Fit VIP Group)..

But when it comes to nutrition…

The answer always has to be specific to YOU.

I mean, not that I do this often…BUT:

I could handle a fair few Brussel sprouts before the person sat next to me leaves the room (if you know what I mean)

Because I’ve slowly built up my ability to handle FIBRE

^^^ which is FERMENTED and gives off…GAS (which is another reason why veggies help keep you full)

So just like I ‘preach’ with pretty much everything with regards to nutrition…

Don’t go from zero to hero with the veggies (unless you’re looking for a hassle-free divorce)

So the amount I recommend will always vary based on where you are right now:


How much veg do you currently eat?

What are your current goals?  

Because too much too soon can cause bloating and flatulence

^^^ you know what happens after too many sprouts on Christmas Day (I know it’s early, but I’ve already had an invite to a Christmas party…)

Too little, however…

Can be a problem, too:

For example, there’s going to be space on your plate left for something that’s probably higher in calories, sugar and fat than veggies..

Which means you’ll probably eat more than you actually NEED

^^^ Read that again

And thinking about your veg / fibre intake can help you understand WHY you’re hungry.

Why you feel like you could ‘eat a horse’

Why you can’t say ‘no’ to the Caramel shortcake in Starbucks.

Assess and don’t guess.

Because if you SHOCK your body (as I often hear)

It will REACT (like you when you’re woken up at 5 am on a Sunday)


COACH your body…

And it will RESPOND (like you when your other half lets you sleep in until 10 and cooks you breakfast in bed…)

Which allows you to learn what works for you so you can enjoy your foods, ditch the bloating, and have more energy to do the things you enjoy.

Which is exactly what I teach you in my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme.

Speak soon,

Matt ‘the marriage councillor’ Fruci

PS. They don’t call beans ‘the musical fruit’ for nothing…

^^^ As one of the members of my Fit For Life Body Transformation recently found out…

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