‘The dish cloth has resurfaced’

So this message popped up on my phone this week.

And this is the third time it’s happened now (that she’s eaten a dish cloth left near the side)

Irresponsible dog owner or just a clever / greedy Labrador?

You decide.


You know what’s more interesting (and weird)?

When the dish cloth comes up (notice how I said ‘up’ and not ‘down’ or ‘out’…)

Dora (the greedy black lab) tries to eat it AGAIN…

And if it wasn’t for her loyalty to food (We have to entice her away from the dish cloth with…More food)…

The dish cloth would be gone again!

^^^ Quicker than Usain Bolt eats his McNuggets in the Olympic village (as we’ll see this weekend)

Despite it making her sick <<< Not even a probiotic can help you digest the dish cloth, Dora…

I guess it’s a bit like us when we wake up on a Sunday morning with THE WORST hangover…EVER!

We look over to the other half (Curry breath at the ready)

With a mouth drier than a cream cracker (yep, that’s a ‘free food’ so you can eat all of them LOL)

And vow to: ‘NEVER drink again’…

Which as you (and the other half) know…

Isn’t happening.

And it reminds me of what a new member of my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme said to me this week…

She’d been back and forth to diet clubs for 6 years.

And tried everything from fasting on days beginning with ‘T’…

Drinking cold water and organic (MUST be organic) green tea to ‘boost the metabolism’

To…swapping ‘bad’ starchy potatoes for butter!

Now, within these 6 years.

She HAS lost weight successfully (which is brilliant by the way)

But has never been able to keep – the majority – of it off.

A bit like the other 95% of us who go on these diets!

^^^ Yep, just 5% keep the weight off when trying this stuff (so you’re not alone)


Well, in my opinion…

It’s because weight loss (or rather fat loss)

Is more than meal plans and red and green foods.

It’s more than just ‘eat healthy and exercise’.

Because your body adapts.

It can become STUBBORN (you know that stubborn fat you just can’t lose?)

Which means your diet and exercise habits have to adapt depending on your results and goals 


As you change…so too should your approach to your food and exercise

But here’s – perhaps – the most IMPORTANT part that is too often overlooked:

We sometimes just lose motivation.

^^^ Your mindset plays a huge role here

And whether you fall off of the bandwagon


Are just fed up of following a plan and not seeing the results you want or feel you deserve

You’re treated the same way…

‘eat less’

‘do more’

‘work harder’

You’re told

When, in fact…


We need to do the opposite.

‘Do less’

‘Eat more’

Maybe stop being so strict with our diet?

And maybe…

Have a bit of fun.

Enjoy a holiday (which I’ll come on to soon)

And know that maintaining your weight loss during a stressful period of your life IS progress.

Particularly as 95% of us can’t do it.

We take on too much, too soon.

We’re all or nothing.

It gets too much.

We quit.

Blame ourselves.

And end repeating the SAME mistakes we made before.

Just like Dora and her ‘minted lamb-infused’ dish cloth

Matt ‘irresponsible dog owner’ Fruci

PS. Dora also has a whole slab of butter and a raw chicken breast to her name (a diet that I definitely do not recommend!)

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