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What Sarah said yesterday on Facebook

So I caught up with Sarah yesterday.

We were going over her target (19th November)

Which we went back through her Fruci Fit Accountability book.

We noticed – without being over obsessive about it – that she had already pretty much hit her target..

Here’s what said on Facebook:

“Lockdown stopped me in my tracks- no leisure centre, no volunteering! I had just lost 7/8 lbs but by the end I was beginning to put it all back on and a bit more – the long dog walks weren’t doing it anymore. Matt came to the rescue!

Right from the first meeting I felt positive again and looking forward to getting back on track. 

It was hard work to start but it felt in a very safe environment which encouraged me to do more classes with more variety too. 

I particularly enjoy trying boxing and Tai Chi – quite a contrast! 

I learned to listen to Matt’s tremendous advice on diet and nutrition which eventually it started to work! 

The texts and emails got me on a path away from being so “ food dependent “. 

I have always been fairly active but as a caterer food was always in my thoughts! 

Now I eat 3 meals regularly with water, more protein and hardly any ‘white’ carbs, rarely any snacks. 

This has now become a rule on a daily basis and allows me to be flexible on special occasions. 

Checking in with Matt on a regular basis makes the programme feel very personal and encourages me even more to continue overall and stick to his solid advice. 

All the team are there to help too and will always adapt exercises and give advice when needed so that everyone gets the most out of the classes. 

Now the difference is beginning to show!

 I’ve lost 12 lbs already before my target date (19th Nov) and have lost inches overall- even under my chin!

 I’ve just bought a size smaller/slimmer cut jeans and I’m really enjoying the whole programme.

So thanks to Fruci Fit for all advice and encouragement so far. In Matt’s words “Amazing“!

Amazing indeed ☺

If you’d like to join Sarah and co on our November 28 Day Kickstart?

You can get all of the details by replying to this email with ’28 Day’

And I will get you the details. 

This can be done in Marlborough, Devizes or all from home…