What happens if I go on holiday?

So me and Mrs Fruci had our first baby free date night in months last week..

We went to Rick Stein’s (which was lovely by the way)

But what I find interesting is how many of the ladies will say to me:

“I’m worried as I have meals out and a holiday coming up” 

Almost as if holidays and meals out are a nuisance??

Thing is, this is probably why you do this health and fitness stuff, right?

So you can put yourself first, protect your health and make amazing memories with your family and friends…

Life is precious.

As they say:

“he /she  who has their health has 1000 wishes, he / she who doesn’t has just 1”

And it’s why I bang on so much about not just eating ‘healthily’ and this exercise stuff..

But actually your relationship with food and this dieting stuff…


There is a difference between going on a diet and saying:

“I can’t have that”


Creating a healthy relationship with food, prioritising YOU, not beating yourself up for ‘failing’, and freeing yourself from the diet culture by saying:

“I am making a choice to eat / drink this OR I am making a choice not to have that for a period of time”

And in might seem like you could never do that?

But Helen thought that, too

As she said here:

“I would like to dedicate Kylie’s ‘I just can’t get you out of my head’, to Matt who 

has just spent a virtual two and a half weeks in Alaska!! 

I did what I said I would do at least 80% of the time whilst still enjoying treats and wine. 

The result, for the first time ever, is that I have lost weight on holiday rather than gaining as usual. Not a lot, almost a kg but way better than my usual 2 to 3 kg gain. 

Thank you for your advice and help Matt.”

And I get with holidays that it seems like it’s not the best time to start..

But many of the ladies actually find it helps them focus

As they know they’ll be coming back to pick up where they left off..

Just like Helen said.

We still have 2 spaces left for our July 4-Week Kickstart Programme 

They are likely to be gone within the next 24 hours as this email will be sent out to nearly 1000 local ladies over 40.

The programme is currently just £3.63 a day (until 8th July)

(Which is pretty much the cost of a latte and barely a meal deal…)

If you want more info on this?

Just comment below or message me and I’ll get you the details.

So this will probably be the last chance for July.

Matt ‘Summer time’ Fruci

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