What do you want?

Excuse the French, but my 1 year old daughter's been learning French before English at Nursery so I thought I'd keep on with that theme.

Anyway, last night, I held a FREE online training event...Called a 'webinar'.

You probably heard about it.

Based on the feedback that I got, it seem that it was actually pretty good. 

However, like all LIVE events , it wasn't without it's problems...

It looks like quite a few ladies couldn't register for the event, once it went live. Also, some of the ladies couldn't find their unique ticket link to attend)

That's the bad news. 

The good news?

TONIGHT...at 830pm, I'm going to be hosting the exact same training event, all over again.

(An 'encore' if you will)

If you DID miss out?

Or you just want to sit through the entire thing again?

^^^ Truth be told, I actually missed out a few things I wanted to share with you so I'm pretty sure tonight will be even better (and as they say, practice...practice...practice)

All you need to do, is click on the link below:


And I'll save you a seat.

Matt 'one more time' Fruci

PS. When you first contacted me, were you hope to:

1. Reclaim your body and feel fit again?

2. Lose weight and unwanted body fat?

3. Find a healthy, sustainable way of eating and gain control of your relationship with eating (especially emotional eating)?

4. Do all of the above without spending hours a week counting calories or working out in a gym?

If so, you might want to be there tonight 🙂


PPS. If these emails are annoying, I do apologise. That's NOT my intention. I just want to make sure that you don't miss tonight's last FREE event. 

However, if you'd prefer not to attend or are bored of me, you can unsubscribe by clicking the link below...

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