Message from Vikki

So in last night's online training event:

'How I've Helped Over 150 Busy Wiltshire Ladies Get Back Into Their Favourite Clothes With THREE Simple Exercises (AND HOW YOU CAN TOO)'

I spoke about 2 ways you can do it.

The Hard, slow way...

And the easier, faster way (AKA the Sexy in 60 Slim Down Programme) which just so happens to be the route that Vikki took. 

Check out her story and body transformation below: 

"So I started my journey with weight loss and the vicious circle of what's the point and feeling low and wanting abs in June last year. When I started I was 87.6 kg

I tried going with various different PTs throughout Jan to March and leaving everytime after being killed in the gym by high intensity workout hating it feeling awful afterwards and genuinely believed it was the only way to loose weight within a week I was back to my old habits because it isn't substanable.

Then I met Matt. He is my god! He totally made me believe in myself. Made me realise actually the gym isn't scary and you don't have to physically throw up after a work out to loose weight and keep it off. My eating habits wernt great Im very busy and on the go snacks were all I ate. 

Chocolate, haribo and energy drinks were mainly what I ate. Chips and pizza if I had time. Zero fruit and veg. Not because I didn't like it but because I just didn't have time.... Well so I thought, until Matt taught me to make time for myself I'm important what I want it important. 

So my journey was tough but the results pushed me through. I've had some major set backs, with a blood condition that make me lathargic and sugar levels low and I also had a knee injury meaning surgery, meaning sitting down for 2 months when I was just hitting my target weight In November. I was beyond gutted. I totally threw the towel in, my surgery got prosponed due to medication mix up which upset me even more as another month not doing anything but I did what I could and have so much support from Matt.

I had the surgery in January and promised myself 1 week of feeling sorry for myself and then back to it... So we worked on some home workouts that I could do sitting down with resistantance bands. Ate as well as I could and curbed my boredom eating with fizzy water.... Trust me there was alot of boredem!!!

Only this month (March) have I been able to work again and walk properly and get back to working out. Im very proud to say today I weighed in at 73.4kg and my goal is 70. Prior surgery I was 74.6kg

It really shows that consistency is key. Mindset is what it's all about. Sleep well. Everything In moderation. If you have a bad day. You have a bad day. Make tomorrow a better day. Don't beat yourself up. Your goal can change and life will throw you curve balls.

Go with it, enjoy it. Life's short. Eat cake :)"

You can check out her results by clicking the link below (just scroll down on this page):


PS. If you're ready to get started with the Sexy in 60 Slim Down programme and get results like Vikki?

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