What do you do at the Fruci Fit events?

We’ve been talking a lot recently about the Fruci Fit events as we had our most recent one on Sunday.

So I have been asked a few times what they are about. 

I did a video explaining what they are here on our Fruci Fit YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vc7LvC8qYGI 

In a nutshell, we have two styles of events,

The Shenai:

→ A great opportunity to meet like minded people

→ Expecierence everything we do at Fruci Fit, from muscle strength to yoga, pilates, tai chi and even Dad jokes. This gives out a morning to see everything we do, meet all of our awesome coaches and see what we do in short, 10 minute style workouts

→ great coffee and some fun and games whilst getting fit 

The Frucirox event:

→ This is about setting a benchmark no matter where are right now with your fitness so you can see your progress 

→ A great opportunity to meet like minded people

→ Focus on YOU vs YOU, getting 1% better each day

→ Seeing how much fitter you are from doing the Fruci Fit sessions you have done

→ Experience a fitness event you CAN do and even be coaches by our awesome coaches as you do it so you know you are doing it safely and correctly (chest up, bum back ;-))

Here is a little highlight video from the weekend:

As I said in the caption of the video:

It’s awesome that so many did things they never thought they could do 💪😀 it’s just the start. As then you’ll look at the next thing you think you can’t do and do that 😀 amazing work from the awesome women and Fruci Fit team . Such a great community 


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