How to improve your balance

It’s something that many of the women comment on at Fruci Fit….

How much their balance has improved.

And it’s not surprising when you look at exercise and it’s impact on balance,

Especially when you consider that at Fruci Fit (Reply with ‘kickstart’ and I will get you the details for our next 28 Day Kickstart)

 we do:

→ Resistance exercise 

→ Yoga

→ Pilates

→ Mobility and step 

→ boxing

→ Tai chi

I could go on.

In fact, a research meta analysis (which is a study of studies) found that resistance exercise significantly improved the balance of adults and older adults in tests such as the single leg  standing test and the functional reach test (e.g. standing with eyes closed, turning etc) ..

In fact, here are some exercises here we do at Fruci Fit to help you not only improve your strength but also your balance..

But you might notice, that it’s not unusual for a personal trainer to jinx everyone and their balance….

Anyway give these a go..


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