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What could happen in 5 weeks?

Despite  Christmas around the corner (I can finally say that now 🎅)

It’s been amazing to see how many of us are really prioritising health and fitness this year. 

I guess with everyone coming out about how important it is with the current pandemic 

And with restrictions easing on Wednesday, 

Everyone is excited for some sense of “normality”…

I’ve had messages from the ladies saying how much they can’t wait to get back to the studio 

And see everyone. 

It really reminds me of what an amazing supper Network and  Community we have .

But it get 

It’s really easy to just say “I’ll start in January”…

Christmas is Christmas..

They’ll be food and wine 

And it’s easy to say “I won’t be healthy in December so there’s no point” 

But consider this:

You don’t have to do it all to get the  results that you want.

That’s why we have 3 pillars / legs of  a stool that we define as underpinning your health and fitness:



And focus / self care. 

And I had chat to one of the ladies yesterday…

Who felt the same about December.

And about not being able to do it all.

She try’s to exercise every day 

But can’t always fit it in.

Then goes in to F it mode 

And can easily  write off the week.

But here’s the thing:

When she commits to doing what she knows she can 100% do..

^^^ despite her mind telling her “it’s not enough” and “you should do more”

She ends up being 

More satisfied 

And actually DOING MORE because she’s not beating herself up for skipping workouts…

So by committing to 3 workouts a week

That means she actually DOES IT!

Rather than committing to every day, skipping one day, and often going to “what’s the point?”

And here’s the thing:

Because she never thinks 3 sessions is enough 

She’s never actually tried consistently hitting it (it’s nearly always “all or nothing”)

So how do you know if 3 sessions a week is enough?

So what if you used December to control what you can..

Create habits that you can do and still enjoy yourself?

Felt more confident about exercise?

Be ready that you know exactly how to get even better results in January if you wanted to?

Like Linda said..

I got  this message from Linda yesterday (who has just come to the end of her 28 Day Kickstart 

“Here’s my report for the week. Seriously can’t believe the difference in just 5 weeks. 

My lymphedema has improved massively, no longer have the heavy feeling and my range of movement is showing improvement as well. 

Despite a niggling hip injury on my good side I’ve managed to still complete classes with just a few tweaks and still get the benefit. 

Can’t thank you and the rest of the team enough, really feel i’m making progress after many years in the doldrums.

1 stone and 20.5″ and bags of energy whoop whoop

Thank you



My favourite part?

Controlling what she can .

She hasn’t been able to do it all (hip issues)

But she’s controlled what she can

And is a stone down and 20 inches down 👏👏wow 

Anyway our next 28 Day starts from tomorrow.(flexible start date)

Message me  with “28 Day” for more details