We’re getting closer and closer!

How have 4 months of 2024 already passed?

It only seems like yesterday we were making those January New Year’s Resolutions.

And after the sun was actually out over Bank Holiday Weekend..

Safe to say…

Summer is right around the corner! 

And before you know it. 

It’s officially Summer. 

  • Holidays 
  • BBQ’s 
  • Weddings 
  • Socials with friends and family

With all the above come the Summer outfits. 

So if you’ve been in ‘hibernation’ mode over the Summer…

we get it! 

Life gets busy and things get in the way.

Maybe you’ve tried diets and workouts but they didn’t fit your lifestyle.

We hear it a lot from people who join us at Fruci Fit.

People saying that they struggle to find things that suit that .

And that things the have tried before:

‘Is just in the day when I am at work”

‘Doesn’t give me the flexibility to train morning, evening or weekends”

“Doesn’t provide me with PERSONALISED advice and a plan”

“Doesn’t build up my confidence so I know what I am actually doing when I exercise and if it is right for me”

“Busy gyms and not sure where to start”

But not to worry…

We have the solution. 

We have our 28 Day Summer Kickstart! 

We’ll give you everything you need to ensure you make big improvements to your body, fitness and confidence in a short space of time. 

Just reply with ‘Summer’ 

And we’ll send over the information about the programme. 

This is specifically for women 40

However we also train men one to one and couples personal training 🙂 


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