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Wednesday 7:45pm?

So I was chatting to one of the ladies who’s just started on her journey with us 

And she mentioned how overwhelming this food and fitness stuff is.

Like, we know what to do…

But then we hear many contradicting things.

Eat carbs 

Don’t eat carbs 

Low fat is better 

But low fat is high in sugar?

Sugar is bad for you?

I could go on.

But one thing I know?

Just like fear…

Everything makes more sense and you feel more confident when you have more knowledge about it.

It’s like 

If you told me you were going to fly me in a plane without any knowledge of how it works..

I’d be quite nervous, but given we know so much about the physics involved in flying 

It could make us feel more confident in our decisions.

A bit like my fear of public speaking…

Half the battle was actually being well organised. 

I knew my topic inside out 

And practiced over and over .

Taking small steps by speaking out in front of smaller groups of people 

It wasn’t that my fears just went..

It was that I was able to perceive them differently as I understood them better..

And it’s a bit like when making better informed decisions when it comes to nutriton.

If you understand how it all works..

From the digestion side of things 

To how it might impact your energy levels 

To bloating 

To fat loss 

To energy and alertness 

You can make better informed more intelligent decisions 

And really see through all of the insta gurus as they’re called 

Claiming that xyz makes you fat…

So as a result?

I’m putting on a free training next Wednesday 745pm to show you:

✅ Exactly what happens when you eat carbs, fats, protein and fibre and why it might not be able bad after all 

✅ Why your energy levels may dip and what to do instead 

✅ How you can eat carbs and avoid fat gain 

✅ How to ditch the bloating with a small tweak in your food choices 

✅ How snacking could help you lose weight (when done right)

And much more.

All I ask is that you show up and meet me half way..

Ask questions 

And of course, Bring coffee ☕️ decaf at that time though 😉 

To join me?

Join my free group here: