Vitamin B12: Should I supplement?

Had this question last week

“I’ve been reading about vitamin B12 deficiency in women, should I supplement with this ?”

So I did a video here

In short:

✅ Vitamin B12 is mainly found in eggs, meat, dairy, and fish. You can also get it from fortified cereal, nutritional yeast and supplements

✅ It is key for helping you – in short – get energy from your food / red blood cell production 

✅ A lack of can result in tiredness, headaches, poor mood, feeling weak , among others 

✅ A lack of Vitamin B12 is associated with an increased risks of cardiovascular issues and poor brain health 

✅ If you have anaemia / an autoimmune condition you may need injections due to the body’s inability to absorb (you’d need to check with your GP for this)

✅ Organic plant based dairy alternatives may not be fortified with the vitamins and minerals like calcium and vitamin B12 (check the label)

Hope this helps 

Matt “Fortified after my morning eggs” Fruci

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