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Up and down?

Is it me or is the weather more up and down than those scales are at the moment?

Just yesterday – 

We decided to move morning outside sessions in Marlborough to inside to avoid the ‘storms’..

And I was scouting out sheltered area for our live home workouts today because on the ONE day I can’t do it inside?

Storms are due…

But what happened?

Well, over the course of the night (and touch wood as I write this)

The rain has passed (for now)

Which means I don’t have to prop the camera tripod up inbetween two logs under an umbrella haha

^^ Apparently the iPhone is water proof

Anyway, as Tony Robbins said:

“Every problem is a gift – without problems we would not grow”

^^^ read that again

And the thing is,

Problems are NOT a sign of weakness

And they do NOT mean you’ve failed…

In fact, problems are VITAL for change.

Problems have often been the trigger to forcing someone to transform their change…

And all this reminds me of those weighing scales.

(and the weather)

Of just how up and down they are…

And the problems they COULD cause to your progress

If you let the scales dictate how you FEEL…

And your next action today..

Like Belinda said on Friday:

“This weeks results are in #week16

Weight: gained 2lbs (total 15lb lost)

Measurements: stayed the same (total 20 inches lost)

Oops! Up 2lb. The heat this week has completely derailed me.

So back to basics for the next week.

Food recording – that has dropped off

Bed at a sensible time – that flew out of the window like a bat out of hell

Move more – even if it’s just a walk in the evening for 20-30 mins.

Thank you to Matt and team at Fruci Fit – Personal Training Wiltshire “

My point here?

Here total CHANGES are great.

Not just weight (15lbs) and not just inches  (20 inches) ..

But her food choices, snacking and ability to respond to problems…

Because from this post, we had out catch up

And Belinda has planned her meals and set her target with her bedtime..

Problem = solution ☺ 

So next time you face a problem, be grateful…

Because a breakthrough is around the corner

If you listen to the feedback

And keep going..

Matt ‘always take the weather with you’ Fruci