Tired & sleepy after lunch? Try this 

You’ve had a good morning, sit down for lunch and 


You’re energy is zapped.


Is it because of what you ate?

Well, here are 5 ways to stop feeling so tired and sleepy at lunchtime.

1) Look at portion size: When we eat a big meal, it tends to make us feel a little bit more tired. Think Christmas afternoon 🥱 

2) Reduce carbohydrate intake: Carbohydrate intake may make you feel a bit more tired, like starchy carbohydrates. I know for me, it definitely does. This rings true for many, from people with fat loss to rugby players who need to get carbs in but feel sleepy after which impact their work

3) Some people say, if I eat anything, I feel more tired. So maybe even delay lunch. Maybe delay lunch if you’re working and it’s going productively, keep going, but have something ready when you need it. 

And for me, I’ll always grab an apple, some Greek yogurt with me or something like that if I need it. And that’s just a quick way that I’m not fasting, but I’ve got permission to have it if I need it. 

4) Go for a walk straight after lunch: you get outside, get some fresh air, get a walk in. Not only is it good for our glucose levels, postprandial glucose levels, helping to bring it down, but also getting our steps in. 

5) Sometimes days are quite long and we can sometimes think too much into this. Because I’m tired, it must be what I ate at lunchtime. It can just be a long day. It can just be that it’s Monday. It can be that you’re lacking sleep a few days ago.

Try the above. Pick one, pick three , pick five..

The key part?

Take action.

As it only works if you do.

Which is what we help you with inside the 100 Day Challenge (specifically for women 40+).

Anyway, so which of the above are you going to try today?


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