Get stronger, improve bone density, make everyday tasks easier 

^^^ that’s what we want, right?

And then we hear 

“Do some resistance exercise”

From people like us at Fruci Fit. 

Difference is though…

How you do it is sooo important.

For your safety and to avoid injury 

For your results so you look and feel different, making everyday tasks easier 

For your confidence to know you’re doing it correctly and know how to progress.

So you do some squats 

And some push ups.

Not knowing wherever it’s right or not. 

With more focus than ever on improving strength and bone density, be it for toning up the arms, health and / or longevity and quality of life, it’s important that you go about doing so with correct form for safety and effectiveness. 

In this short video, I go through different ways to progress the push up, whether you’re starting out against the wall from a standing position or you’re on your knees and want to progress to your tip toes, or even just improve your form and elbow / shoulder position.

Check it out here

And you still might have questions 

This is why whenever you come to a Fruci Fit workout 

Be it from home or with us in our private studio 

We will make sure your form is effective for you.

Just one of the things we help you with inside our 100 Day Challenge to help you do the things you probably know you need to do 

Want more like this?

💪 Fruci Fit Back To Basics sessions

We break all of the exercises down in our, focussing on one or two exercises with support of a chair or wall. It enables you to undertake a workout, develop technique, get fitter and stronger. 

For those more experienced, its an opportunity to revisit form and technique as well as improve muscle mind connection, thereby ensuring muscles are “working and toning” during sessions.

💪 Fruci Fit Technique Masterclass 

An opportunity to work on form and technique, make progress and feel more confident knowing you’re performing the exercises safely and correctly. It’s easy to get carried away with how many we can do of an exercise, forgetting that muscle mind connection which ensures you protect the joints and work the muscles 💪

All included in our 100 Day Challenge, specifically for women 40+. Reply with “100” and I’ll get you the details. 


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