Tiger Tiger, is it true?

Just like your metabolism goes up and down to fight you through dieting and yoyo-ing with your weight...

both me and you will do the same thing with our thoughts and beliefs...

AKA self sabotage

You see, you want to succeed with your fat loss, fitness and health journey, right? You don't intend on 'failing'. 

But for some reason,  a little voice in our head just decides to make up some thoughts and beliefs about how you don't deserve this new look body, you don't have any willpower, you've always been the 'unfit' one...

And you think F it...

Before you know it?

This little thought in your head has shaped your beliefs and your mindSET:

"A set of beliefs so powerful that your behaviour conforms to them"

It's why a big part my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System is the support and accountability.

And today, I just wanted to share with you a little part of a book I'm reading to my daughter (which really helps me when I go into F it mode)

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