Thrown in the dog house, 2lbs of weight loss, and KFC

A telling off from the wife…


And Dora (my black lab) wouldn’t even let me in the ‘dog house’, either.

You see, whilst my wife was visiting her parents

I – kind of – blocked the kitchen sink

A combination of fat and coffee seemed to have done the trick (despite what my dad used to tell me about pouring fat down the sink…)

The good news?

A bit of boiling hot water did the trick!

^^^ And a very proactive pregnant wife who is definitely the ‘man’ of the relationship (I stick to the cooking and weaning)

It got things moving again.

And it can be the same in this weight loss game to help you get the fat moving.

^^^ HINT: you may need to get warm!

Just like a Fit For Life Body Transformation member found this week.

As just by increasing her step count

^^^ Which she fits into her daily routine so it doesn’t feel like a chore or take loads of time out of her day 

She’s ditched another 2 lbs this week (and is now at a steady 2 stone loss in total…with 2 lbs per week for the next 10 weeks until Christmas her new goal)

And this is all with fitting in a KFC and a pizza this week (that’s half-term madness for you, ay?)

^^^ Which I actually found a bit annoying as it dampened my ‘healthy eating message’ lol

But the thing is, she knows what to do (as she told me yesterday)

And – most of the time – she does the basics VERY well

Which means that she’s losing weight in a SUSTAINABLE way

Just by doing the simple stuff. 

You see, there’s never a perfect time for you to start.

You’re always going to have your screaming kids (which turn into teenagers), meals out, and all-you-can eat buffets

So you just have to ‘put out the fires as you go’

Focus on the basics and ignore the complicated stuff (until you get the basics done VERY VERY WELL)

Because if you’re always looking for the ‘magic bullet’


the cherry on the cake

You’ll probably just end up more confused than you already are

and not even knowing where to start. 

Which means you do nothing.

Stay in the exact same place you are right now.

And it’s why I make things so so simple for you.

Just like Amelia put it this week:

“My mood has been really good, I am probably even happier than I was before

I feel like I’m working toward something and that I am in control so that is great.

I am trying to reassure myself that this diet will be different to the last, and that because I am not on a mundane chicken and rice every meal diet… and have flexibility, and have control over what I choose to eat.” 

The best part?

‘diet’ where YOU have control over what you choose to eat! (instead of following a boring, cookie-cutter meal plan that Kate Middleton put together for you…)

Happy Sunday (and extra hour in bed…unless the kids got you up at the same time, of course)

Matt ‘Fighting against gender stereotyping’ Fruci

PS. I’m now out of the dog house after cooking up some lamb last night

PPS. No, I didn’t chuck the fat down the sink 

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