This was 5 years ago (Thanks Facebook Memories)


So Facebook memories come up the other day

And it’s me

In nothing but speedos

Tanned up like Joey Essex

Posing on stage

At a physique show where you have to get super lean

 5 years ago!

Where I came 2nd in Britain…

And you know the interesting part?

I am 55 lbs HEAVIER today

Than I was then


I am happier


Better relationship with food

Better work / life balance

Less judgemental about ‘bad’ days

Less obsessed with ‘doing it all’

Don’t beat myself up as much

I have tons more energy…

I could go on…

And this isn’t to say I am not proud of this achievement ..

But it’s to say that

  1. Getting to a desired weight doesn’t necessarily make you happy 
  2. It’s OK to change your priorities 
  3. You don’t have to be on top of everything all of the time

And finally…

  1. A  body weight goal might get you started – but it probably won’t keep you going …


Because the ‘weight’ you want to lose

Is probably just a symptom of the ACTUAL problem..

Be it your relationship with food

Your mindset – AKA you feel you have to suffer to get the results you want (which is not true)

The way you talk to yourself

The way you think everything has to be perfect ..

I could go on…

As the quote from John Maxwell says:

“I can predict the long-term outcome of your success if you show me your daily habits”

 ^^^ read that again 

Because “you don’t create your future, you create your daily habits and they create your future”  (Randy Gage)


If you beat yourself up daily

Talk to yourself like 💩

Let one ‘bad’ day turn into a bad week / life..

Expect everything to be ‘perfect’

And stop if it’s not..

That will directly impact the results you get

And those people around you and closest to you – your family, friends, work…

So what’s changed for me?

Napping daily – even for 5 mins, has changed my energy completely 

Meditating – I used to say this was 💩 helped me transform my beliefs and get out of my on way

Setting my expectations that if I do? Will make me happy..


I know I can’t get to the gym every day, so I don’t say I’m going to do it…

Remember this…

It’s easiest to find happiness when you know what will make you happy..


Most people don’t know what makes them happy

And just go around expecting to feel happy…

Often constantly focussed on what is NOT working

And you DO NOT want to feel..

And when you focus on that?

That is what you get…

More of what you don’t want…

These are the EXACT things we go through in our kickstart coaching sessions

Inside our November 4-Week Kickstart Programme for ladies over in Marlborough, Devizes and Burbage which starts from

Saturday 2nd November…

If you’d like more info on this?

Send over a message and I’ll get you the details. 

I will be sending this out as an advert next week 

So if you do want more info to secure your place

Just send over a message now.

Matt ‘happy?’ Fruci

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