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Is protein ‘toxic’ (or is it your beliefs)

So I must admit,

When I first started seeing ‘with added protein’ on every other label in the supermarket 

I was kind of annoyed by the fact it was just another marketing buzzword…

To go with ‘gluten free’, ‘vegan’ etc.

But the thing is,

As much as a lot of these ‘with added protein’ products do just add cheap protein to products…

The more I think about it

(And after working with thousands of ladies now..)

The more I realise that change is HARD..

And given this?

What if you could get a benefit from making the smallest possible change?

A change that is SO small 

That you don’t really notice it?

Well, that could be the case if you just increased your protein content by eating the same foods but with ‘added protein’…

With the research showing it:

  • Can keep you more full up (so it might stop you snacking)
  • Can help your skin, hair, nails so you feel better (and when you feel better you tend to have more energy and motivation to do the things you want to do..)
  • Can you help you better control your blood sugar levels
  • Can help you lose more fat by controlling your food intake and – as a result – potentially DECREASE INFLAMMATION, CHOLESTEROL and BLOOD PRESSURE…

So, what am I saying here?

Well, nutrition has a lot of emotion attached to it…

So my question to you is this:

Do you have a belief (maybe from someone else or something you heard)

Which might stop you from making a positive change (even if it is so small)?

Maybe you heard protein or some ‘food’ is bad for you?

Maybe you believe that certain foods will make you fat?

That you can’t start because you are too unfit?

Maybe you believed something for so long that you think you can’t change it?

Whatever it is..

To succeed

You have to forge new beliefs that allow you to do the things you want to do…

Often by linking enough pain to the beliefs you currently have the keep holding you back…

These are the exact things that me and Katie discussed in our live chat we did the other day which you can watch here, as we discuss:

👉 Whether protein bars are actually any good or worthwhile.

👉 Why your weight loss may slow or you may be struggling to lose weight despite exercising and eating well (this might surprise you)

👉 What to do if you have ‘fear’ foods that you believe will make you fat so often avoid them and feel ‘fat’ and annoyed when you have them (and maybe end up binging…)

Plus much, much more..

Check it out here:

And my point in all of this

Is that despite what you believe ..

The ONLY way to get the results you want

Is through ACTION…

Matt ‘Do’ Fruci