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This takes 2 seconds…

This takes 2 seconds…

So I went down a few slides with the kids at the weekend

And I remember being a taught the little trick

To go a bit faster..

By leaning back and lifting your feet up..

Small change, 

But what a difference.

It makes slides built for 8 year olds +

Fun for me haha

And my 4 year old..

Who was a bit shocked when she flew off the end of the slide..


It is often the small changes that have such a big impact.

So I wanted to share one with you today.

Now, of course, what I am about to say works a lot better

With accountability.

Someone checking you have actually done it.

After all

Most of us know what to do already..

We just don’t do it..

So, I share this quite often with people

Who are quite busy

Know what to do

But struggle with comfort eating and their habits..

You know, all the good intentions

But walk in the kitchen and then ‘boom, just eaten for the sake of it”

Sound familiar? 


Here’s what I want you to do:

Every time you walk under a doorframe

Take one deep breath in and out

That’s it.

Notice how you feel?

How present you become?

Your posture?

How tall you feel?

Want to take this one step further?

Clap 4 times..

Try it..

I can’t say it will definitely work

But it 100% won’t work

If you don’t do it..