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Struggle with willpower? Try this

As we are now back open

It is really fascinating to look back

And compare ‘then’ to ‘now’..

And how ‘now’ feels so ‘normal’ now..

I remember pre covid

when we had our Kickstart session

where we would put together your starting plan​​​​ with your 3 habits in Food, Fitness and Focus..

To get clear on:

Fitness → When, where and how you will exercise (so there is no decisions you need to make…)

Food → one thing you can change / add in today to create more energy

Focus → One thing you can DO today to create more energy 


Pre covid..

I occasionally had to bring the kids with me…

And for the most part, 

They were great and just played around in the back..

They would play with the toys, draw on a whiteboard, watch some Peppa Pig..

But even though they’re all good..

It still ‘feels’ a lot more exhausting…

Just the fact they are there. 

And when I think about it?

It all makes sense…

You see, when I used to take the kids I had to:

-Pack their bags

-Leave earlier

-remember nappies, potty and some snacks

-remember to bring enough toys

I could go on..


And although really small

These decisions ADD UP…

A bit like your life…

A friend rings..

A family member wants something..

You feel you need to be there for [insert event here]

House admin


I could go on..

You end up feeling like you’re just surviving…

It’s exhausting…

And what’s worse?

Because you’re not ‘perfect’

It can be easy to beat ourselves up…

Which means we often end up doing nothing…


Just hope that despite feeling so tired and stressed

That we will make good decisions..

^^ a recipe for disaster by the way…

So remember this:

You can’t do everything but you can ALWAYS do ONE thing..

^^^ Read that again…

Pick one thing and track it.


I will eat 3 portions of protein today.


I will drink 4 glasses of water today


I will have a snack at 2pm and it will be [insert here]

Relying on your willpower to make great choices when you’re tired, hungry and stressed is a sure fire way to fail.

The more choices you have to make?

The more willpower it’ll drain..

So, start with one thing you can do today?

Today, my #1 self care priority is to have a nap this afternoon…


Because my energy goes up

My optimism goes up

I am a better dad, husband, and coach

I am able to make better-informed decisions about my food and exercise choices…

I could go on…

And you could say…

That me having a short nap (even 5 minutes, sometimes I don’t even sleep, I just deep breathe)

Is actually selfless?


What is your one thing you are committing to today?

Matt ‘one thing’ Fruci