This might sound vain but…

If I had a £ for every time someone said this:

“This might sound vain but…”

“I want to be lighter and fit into my wardrobe of clothes I have and love”

“I want to feel confident on the beach this year”

“I want to look better this Summer”

I could go on.

And it comes up a lot in our one to one kickstarts which we do at the start of the 28 Day Summer Kickstart (reply with ‘Summer’ if you’d like more info) 

And here are my questions:

Vain according to who?

Why should we feel vain because we want to do something that makes us feel happy?

Is it because we are worried about hurting others feelings?

And I was chatting to someone the other day who nearly did not start because they were worried others would say:

“Why are you even here?”

“You don’t need to lose weight?”

“You should be happy the way you are”

Luckily, she soon found out that Fruci Fit is not about that.

It is about being the best version of yourself, with ‘best’ being your definition .

Be it fitter, making everyday tasks easier, stronger, lighter, getting up and down from the floor more easily.

I could go on.

And I will leave you with this:

You should try to find happiness with the way you are right now…


This does not mean you cannot strive to be and achieve more. 

In other words, you can be happy but want more…

And this could actually be a very healthy thing.


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